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Poll - Stinger Owner Initial Quality

Have You Noticed any Quality Issues and if so From which Category(ies)?

  • Yes - Exterior Fit and Finish

    Votes: 81 16.4%
  • Yes - Interior Fit and Finish

    Votes: 36 7.3%
  • Yes - Squeaks and/or Rattles

    Votes: 158 31.9%
  • Yes - Noise Vibration Harshness

    Votes: 39 7.9%
  • Yes - Electrical

    Votes: 21 4.2%
  • Yes - Mechanical

    Votes: 27 5.5%
  • Yes - Technology

    Votes: 62 12.5%
  • Yes - Other

    Votes: 27 5.5%
  • No - Car is perfect!

    Votes: 218 44.0%

  • Total voters
They do. It is called the transmission logic reflash. I've been asked if I want it done a bunch of times, but I say no, because "it ain't brok
They do. It is called the transmission logic reflash. I've been asked if I want it done a bunch of times, but I say no, because "it ain't broke".
Then I need to Kia before my JB4 comes in next week with my Denso plugs. :D Can't wait!! But tranny first!


St. Pete
This is my 7th car. Only thing I can compare it to was my 2000 caddy sts. I have a 2.0 four banger and it is every bit as responsive as the v8 was. Only difference is I don't get offers to buy my car at the gas station. Too bad since this car is so much better.


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The poll is at 134.9% so far. Cool.

Kimberly Lazarski

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2022 major issues:

- intake dang near silent. The Saab's tiny Garett was more audible with the stock airbox than the Stinger's. Naturally, I corrected this massive flaw by installing CAIs.
- footwear lighting not coordinated. I'll be rectifying this partially with a red led strip in each footwell.

Seriously, these are the flaws I actually care about, and it's really nitpicking about little things because the car is so well done the flaws become glaring and all revolve around tech.

No squeaks or rattles - there are none. If it had any of those I'd be tearing the interior apart to line all panel mating surfaces with felt tape. Squeaks and rattles in a car drive me insane. (OK, more insane. ;) ) Maybe I just got lucky. I expect squeaks to develop with time, because I nearly always drive with the suspension in sport mode.

Edit: I forgot the 360 camera views are slightly misaligned.
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Only issue I've had on my Stinger is the rattle by the driver side headliner. If I put a little pressure on the grab handle it goes away. Otherwise the car has been great!


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I almost selected "the car is perfect", because it almost is. The "interior defect" amounts to one little loop of stitching on the upper right side of the front passenger seat. That's all I've noticed in nearly three months.

The "technology" defects are three: the NAV isn't as up to date as Google Maps. Had I followed the NAV's chosen route I'd have high centered on a concrete planter box median in making the recommended left turn! The parking assist does not turn off automatically when you hit "12.4 mph". Big deal. And the playback software puts a default gap between each track, making listening to "seamless" music very annoying.

Otherwise, I'd have to say that the Stinger GT1 I enjoy is "perfect". Of course, not being a perfectionist, I haven't gone over the entire car with a fine toothed comb inspection. Oh, there was one tiny blatant defect which I had the service department fix (took c. twenty minutes): the driver's floor mat hook on the left was unattached and some slacker had tried to glue it down on top of the carpet?!
Cool, a chance to update. I am even more tempted to change my vote to "perfect": but will let my two less than perfect selections stand: the loop in the stitching of the front passenger seat has remained exactly the same: nothing else has manifested; the upholstery is perfect: and furthermore, nothing else in the cabin has failed or worn in over three and a half years. As for tech failures: I've had two or three instances of the TPMS system flat-lining; but it came back online after turning off and gassing up. Other than the glitchy NAV (less glitchy since the update last spring), I haven't noticed anything techy causing issues. So, given the passage of time, the car is even more perfect than it was at three months.
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No car i've ever owned got perfect marks. The G came close - didn't have the issues below though. I give the stinger a B. Thought about an A-, but a B (no +) is more appropriate.

Slightly misaligned hood
Selt belt height adjuster vibrations
Slight hatch noise
Coolant smell after parking