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  1. Jim Dunn

    Room for Improvement

    I've read many forum posts and comments about the lack of quality Kia applied to the Stinger. Issues range from the exterior to the interior and parts in between. IMHO, it's hard for a car brand to meet the quality levels of what's been designed and computer simulated. But that's no excuse and I...
  2. corradoMR2

    Poll - Stinger Owner Initial Quality

    Now that you have owned your car for a few days or more, have you noticed any quality issues? Take the poll and elaborate on your findings, with pics if you can!
  3. corradoMR2

    Stinger GT AWD Limited - Owner Review and Comparison to Lexus & Audi

    As a car enthusiast and moderator of a popular Lexus forum, considering a Kia, let alone purchasing one was never on my radar. Lexus, Acura, and Audi have filled my driveways over the years all with their pros and cons. Lexus however, has been by far the most rewarding and why I have been a...