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About that Kia badge…

kia stinger with script

Now I don’t mean to ruffle any feathers here. There are definitely two philosophies to this idea and no matter which side you choose – you’re not wrong – it’s a personal preference. Re-badge it? De-badge it altogether? That being said, I’m sort of on the fence when it comes to the badge the Kia Stinger. Here’s why…

I was just driving along behind a Kia Optima and thought to myself, “Ya know – the Kia badge isn’t really that bad”. I’m not sure if they’ve slightly updated the design in recent years – but I think it looks kind of classy with its simplicity. On the other hand, it’s stood for a brand that sold cheap products for as long as many of us can remember. Continue reading About that Kia badge…

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Kia Stinger Named to AutoTrader’s 2018 10 Best Car Interior Under $50,000

kia stinger interior wins award

Stylish Gran Turismo Lauded for Impressive Quality and Spacious Accommodations

  • Stinger’s outstanding quality reflects our development mantra that no detail is too small
  • With enough room to comfortably seat five, Stinger doesn’t sacrifice room for luggage

IRVINE, Calif., March 12, 2018 — The 2018 Kia Stinger recently was named one of Autotrader’s 10 Best Car Interiors under $50,000 for 2018.  The honor is just the latest accolade in a long string of acknowledgments for Stinger as it continues to redefine the sport sedan segment previously occupied by much more expensive offerings from Germany.  Taking into account the amount of time today’s drivers spend in their vehicles, Autotrader’s list aims to help shoppers go beyond the sheet metal and selects cars that make transit more enjoyable through thoughtfully laid out, comfortable and spacious interiors.

“A finely appointed interior coupled with standout performance makes Stinger the perfect companion for road trips, running errands or a daily commute,” said Orth Hedrick, vice president, product planning, Kia Motors America.  “Generous space for passengers and luggage add to Stinger’s appeal.” OEM Korean Stinger badges are available here. Continue reading Kia Stinger Named to AutoTrader’s 2018 10 Best Car Interior Under $50,000

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Limited Production 2019 Stinger GT “Atlantica” Brings Unique Features

limited edition 2019 kia stinger atlantica

500-unit Production Run Promises Quick Sell-Out

  • Exclusive metallic blue paint, wheels and luxurious interior add to Stinger’s stunning appearance
  • Unique  badging make Kia’s Stinger GT Atlantica a one-of-a-kind vehicle
  • New tech and luxury features previously not offered on the U.S. Stinger provide an added level of convenience

IRVINE, Calif., March 6, 2018 – The Stinger sport sedan has ushered in a new era for Kia and has redefined driving enthusiasts’ opinions of the brand since going on sale in late last year.  Continuing that excitement and arriving this summer, the limited-edition Stinger GT Atlantica celebrates the cross-Atlantic collaboration between the U.S. and the vehicle’s Germany-based development roots and introduces exclusive features not previously offered. With only a 500-unit limited-production run, the Atlantica edition is guaranteed to sell out quickly.  The Atlantica edition includes unique paint, wheels and Nappa leather interior.  Exclusive numbered badging inside and out, along with a bevy of technology and luxury features, make this 2019 Stinger truly something special.

“We recognize Stinger is something special and wanted to commemorate the 2019 model year with a stand-out variant,” said Orth Hedrick, vice president, product planning, Kia Motors America (KMA).  “Out of the box, the Stinger is a tried-and-true sport sedan with much of its development taking place on Germany’s grueling Nürburgring race circuit.  The Atlantica edition introduces more European flare while distinguishing itself with exclusive badging and features not previously offered by Kia in the U.S. market.” Continue reading Limited Production 2019 Stinger GT “Atlantica” Brings Unique Features

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Is the first generation Stinger a direct descendant of the first generation Mustang?

Kia Stinger

03.02.2018 – by Rufus – The Mustang as it first appeared is, in my opinion, the ancestor to the Stinger in many ways. Slightly derivative of European influences of the time, yet distinctly its own persona. A sporty car available at several price points, with performance from mild to wild, yet with all trim levels sharing the same basic appearance.

It seized upon a hungry market and filled a niche no one in the industry seemed to know was even there, suddenly upending the established auto hierarchy. Its fresh, youthful appeal became the poster child of fanboys, enthusiasts, and casual drivers alike, and managed to spark a genuinely emotional response from its owners.

It became an instant “it” commodity, angering those who thought their Caddy or Bonneville was far more deserving of attention than this upstart, especially since it could be had for far less coin at the entry level. It wasn’t a dedicated sports car, yet could still be had with impressive performance (for the time) and became the platform for genuine high-performance from hot rodders of all stripes looking to eke out road chops to match its looks. It could be personalized both from the factory as well as the aftermarket to reflect the personality of the owner, or left stock and still catch longing looks from passersby. Continue reading Is the first generation Stinger a direct descendant of the first generation Mustang?

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Kia Stinger Named as Best of the Year in MotorWeek

2018 kia stinger gt 2 in blue

Hot-blooded Gran Turismo Also Takes Top Honor in Best Sport Sedan Category

  • Stinger lauded for bringing innovation and value to the market
  • MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Awards examine vehicles from a buyer’s point of view

IRVINE, Calif., February 9, 2018 – The Kia Stinger has been named as Best of the Year in MotorWeek’s 2018 Drivers’ Choice Awards, the top honor given amongst the 14-category program.  The accolade is just the latest in a long string of acknowledgments for Stinger, which went on sale late last year and is redefining a staid sport sedan segment previously occupied by more expensive offerings from Germany.   The awards, now in their 36thyear, recognize vehicles for bringing innovation and value to the car-buying public.

“What’s innovative about Stinger isn’t its extraordinary handling, drop-dead style or eye-popping performance; that’s expected in this segment and Stinger delivers on every front,” said Orth Hedrick, vice president, product planning, Kia Motors America (KMA).  “What’s innovative is that we brought this car to market at such a tremendous value and it’s an honor to be recognized by the MotorWeek editorial staff for this accomplishment.”  The Stinger has a base price of just $31,900 (not including destination charges of $900).

The MotorWeek Drivers’ Choice Awards are consumer focused and the winners represent the best automotive picks within a large range of lifestyles.  As television’s original automotive magazine series, MotorWeek’s editorial staff evaluates more than 150 cars, trucks, and sport utility vehicles per year, and winners are chosen based on driving dynamics, performance, technology, practicality, fuel efficiency and dollar value. Continue reading Kia Stinger Named as Best of the Year in MotorWeek