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Issue Number SA322 - Rattle Noise from Tailgate

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger TSB Discussion' started by Larry Denen, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. Eugene Onegin

    Eugene Onegin United States Member

    Love is blind.
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  2. Klem

    Klem United States New Member

    I have a GT2 AWD which only has 400 or so miles on it. I did not have any noises or rattles but I did have a more serious problem. I went out to get in my car in the morning and found the rear hatch window cracked like a spiders web. It wasn't vandalism. It was 31 degrees and sunny outside so it came as a big surprise. Its at the dealers now being replaced under warrantee . I should have it back tomorrow. I was fortunate that it happened in front of my house and not on the road or away from here. I took a chance buying a completely new type of vehicle, and I knew that. If this turns out to be the only problem, down the road, I'll just consider it to be a new design bug and move on. If , however, I have the same problem again, well, then were in a whole different light. I believe this was a one time event.
    As a side note, I've received 2 calls from the manufacturer and 3 calls from the repair dealership updating me on the status of the car and that repairs were being expedited .........that seems like good customer service to me.
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  3. Luminary

    Luminary United States Active Member Sustaining Member +

    So after a month of the dealership fix for SA322 for my Stinger, my rattle is back. I first noticed it last weekend when I drove to Maryland for the KIA Stinger Experience tour. I was hoping it was just Maryland's overly bumpy roads on 495, but it has been happening all the time after that. I really noticed it last night on 95 S driving to Fredericksburg...

    I was really hoping the dealer fix would be the only fix I needed. I am now waiting on a response from the dealership to see what the next step (Fix it!) is.
  4. Please let everyone on this thread know about the dealer response and fix. Mine hasn’t returned since I took it in about 2 weeks after the original SA322 was installed and the Stinger mechanic added some more spacers/washers to the original kit. Evidently there was some additional guidance from the factory if the kit didn’t fully fix it the first time. Now the only problem I have is major creaking in the driver side dash area at low speeds, for which I have an appointment.
  5. Luminary

    Luminary United States Active Member Sustaining Member +

    I just heard back from Scott at Ourisman in Chantilly, and I will be dropping off my babe this afternoon for them to look at it. I will be getting a loaner, and will know more hopefully by tomorrow. I trust Scott, and he is a really good person and my "go to" guy at Ourisman.

    I will definatly update this thread once I have an update. :)
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  6. Luminary

    Luminary United States Active Member Sustaining Member +

    Just heard back from Ourisman. Scott has the day off, and you can tell when he is not there. Soooo they tell me they do not hear a rattle. Seriously? I asked if they drove it over some bumps at a good spead. They said they were about to go test drive it again to see if they can make it rattle.

    The weather is calling for snow, and it is currently sleeting so I am impatiant to get home. They have had my babe for almost 24 hours now, and nothing has really been done yet. SERIOUSLY?!?!?

    Oh Scott, why do you have to take days off? :p
  7. I feel your pain!
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