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Issue Number SA322 - Rattle Noise from Tailgate

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger TSB Discussion' started by Larry Denen, Jan 28, 2018.

  1. Fl stingergt

    Fl stingergt United States Stinger Enthusiast

    Keep adding washers until it stops making noise. Design flaw.
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  2. wtam1100

    wtam1100 United States Newish Member

    Thanks for everyone that posted up videos and tips on how to fix the rattling/ thumping from the tailgate. I added the washers the other day. Makes a huge difference. Tried two washers at first, trunk closed but u could tell it was popping up. Changed it to one washer hatch, it sits flush and no more noise. super easy cheap fix that we shouldn't have to do but its better than going to the dealership imo.
  3. Mike_TX

    Mike_TX United States Active Member

    North Texas
    Seemed like the washer fix worked for me for awhile, but it came back. I might add another washer and see what that does.

    Mine sounds a little metallic, making me wonder if some looseness in the lock mechanism might be to blame.
  4. Fl stingergt

    Fl stingergt United States Stinger Enthusiast

    One of the fixes from kia is moving down the strike bar on hatch. They pop the welds off and move it down.plus add another washer. The problem is the hatch noise is from side to side movements. Go thicker with washer.
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  5. Vetteguy

    Vetteguy United States Newish Member

    Coal Valley, Illinois
    I just had mine fixed at the dealer. It was rattling during the test drive when I bought it last month.
  6. CeramicGT001

    CeramicGT001 United States Active Member

    My 2019 has had the thump/thud sound over bigger bumps for the last few months and was driving me insane. Finally fixed it by adding a 1/16 custom rubber gasket from the hardware store (no washers) cut to the size of the hatch bumper.

    This video is where I got the idea from. Also I thread the hatch stoppers to the red line (just above the small lines imprinted on the stoppers) Trunk has been silent for over 2 weeks now.

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  7. Todd Piefer

    Todd Piefer United States Member

    The latch assembly has too much play so it rattles. Some have found that wrapping strips of duct tape around the "D" that the latch latches to effectively removes that play. If you use too much tape, a hatch open warning appears on the dash so go incrementally. Here's a link with a pic... Fixing Trunk Thunk !! ....................
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