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Has anyone seen any Stingers in the wild?


Too big a stretch for me. Since few-to-none of the Stinger drivers locally ever acknowledge my headlight flashes, thumbs ups, or other polite responses to our shared excellent taste in cars, I'm not really disposed to give anyone around here the benefit of the doubt. :rolleyes: I'm coming to believe that they all got their cars by accident, have no idea how amazing they are, and don't realize that they and their owners deserve to be treated with the respect due a fellow owner.

Really! Once I returned to mine parked next to another one that I've frequently seen parked in the south 40 of that same lot (the owner evidently works there). As I loaded my groceries into the hatch, the driver of the other Stinger walked up. I looked up in his direction. I know I'm an old lady, and due to my mask he couldn't see my smile, but still, he looked straight through me (used to that) and straight through my shiny Stinger, and got in his and drove off before I could even open my mouth or close the hatch. C'mon! This guy doesn't deserve a Stinger. All he had to do was say "nice car."
This. lol. Coming from the VW community we always gave a wave, thumbs up a light flash. My local stinger people looked at me like an idiot when I waved as they drove by.

There are three Stingers local to me white, blue and grey.


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It's been a week since Stinger has been out due to Covid lockdown so this afternoon we ventured out for "essential supplies". Two sightings in the same North Parramatta street and only about 150mt apart.
Snow White Pearl with rego 330GT then Sliky Silver. Screenshot_20210909-145619_Video Player.jpg 20210909_145436.jpg


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Just completed ~4100 miles NM to MI and back and saw a total of 5 Stingers. 9 days on the road and 10 states. Expected to need both hands to count the sightings. Saw more Bigfoot signs than Stingers.


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We ventured out for the first time in 8 days - essential supplies of course ;)
Two sightings, Micro Blue waiting to turn onto North Rocks Rd and a Ceramic Grey northbound on Bungaree Rd Pendle Hill. Not good pics as I was turning both times.


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Venice, Florida
Ran acoss this guy on the way home on 75s


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So…been hanging out with a female friend a lot more as of late, one that I’ve known for many years. Last night, I pick her up for dinner and drinks, pull in the driveway, and see a 2020 Snow White Pearl GT2 parked in the garage.

Surprised I asked when she got it, she proceeds to tell me that it was her 65 year old mothers that came to babysit …

Talk about a wtf is super conservative churchy type too…very cool to see..


Saw my first Federation Orange today. I was in the left lane sitting at a red light waiting to turn. He was turning left coming from my right. I was in such shock to finally see one in the flesh. Beautiful color. He even gave me a wave as he turned.
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Parked at a grocery store on Sunday to get a few bits'n'bobs. Came out and was amazed to find a white Stinger next to mine. It's such a rare event to see another Stinger in my neck of the woods, I took a photo.
Looks Ceramic Silver in that pic. :D