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Spark Plug change tips

I'd like to personally thank everyone that's contributed to this thread!

In anticipation of Lozic's ECU tune, I replaced my spark plugs today. NGK M45iL, gapped to .024". With all tools recommended in hand, it took maybe fifteen minutes on the driver's side, and a little less than an hour on the passenger side. Everything came apart and went back together in one piece, and the car runs fantastic.

I'm letting it be known, if you live anywhere in Ohio, and you're willing to drive to me in Powell, I will change your spark plugs if you're not comfortable, nor don't want to buy the tools. I actually found it kind of fun!

7,200 miles on the stock plugs, and they looked great. Only Shell 93, unless I absolutely have to fill up somewhere else.

Oh, and I changed the air filters to AEM dry panel drop in's, and added the Mishimoto Oil Catch Can.

Thanks again guys!