Manual Transmission Poll

Which do you prefer?

  • Manual

    Votes: 55 39.9%
  • Automatic

    Votes: 45 32.6%
  • Automatic (but I use the paddle or sport shifters)

    Votes: 38 27.5%

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Stinger @ JSC

I'm kind of torn like some others here. I like manuals because if you want to shift hard and bark the tires you can. With old school autos you could put a shift kit in it and bark the tires too, but can't do that anymore. I think the Stinger should when it's in sport mode or if you are manually shifting it.

Brother John

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I'm just curious about who would have gotten their Stinger in a 6-speed manual transmission if it was offered. I'm assuming there would be no cost difference and everything else was the same, except for options that are not possible to use with manual (for example stop-start cruise control and remote start).

I also added in an option to select that you use the paddle shifters or the sport shifting.

For me personally, I love driving a manual, because it feels like I am actually doing more than just mashing a pedal. I've had a manual transmission in all of my cars; I even special ordered my last car (Ford Fusion) with a manual. But it's getting harder and harder to find cars offered with a stick. I may have to give that up if I end up getting the Stinger.
If a manual were available, I'd be saving my pennies. It's not, so I'm probably going elsewhere, despite the fact that it's a fantastic looking car.


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If a manual were available, I'd be saving my pennies. It's not, so I'm probably going elsewhere, despite the fact that it's a fantastic looking car.
Howdy, Brother John (I have a brother John). Funny, the different things that form deal breakers in whether to buy/keep a car or not. Welcome to the forum.

Dodger Blue

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I've been driving manuals for most of my life, so the Stinger was a departure. I lived in LA and drove in awful traffic all the time so that doesn't really bother me, and now I live in a place that has a lot more open road.

I think a hypothetical manual stinger would have to be cheaper for me to make the switch, because there's some features that I can't see working well in a manual car, namely the radar cruise control, which I really like having. I think it would also be nice to have 7 gears in order to be competitive with the auto's gearing.


This car would be a 10/10 if not for the 8spd auto. Funny that the 4cyl G70 is offered. I would also have prefered the 7spd dual clutch thats going in the Veloster N. You get so much more feel for the car and its power when you can just control with the throttle. If they ever do come out with a GT thats manual, ill trade mine in for it ASAP!


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I've been a die-hard manual driver for decades, and still love my 2010 Acura TSX with 6MT, but I've gone through something like the stages of grief over the demise of manual transmissions. I think I've arrived at acceptance, because I've conceded that my next daily driver will probably be automatic.

In fact, test driving the Stinger helped me get there, because I liked the transmission and realized the rear-biased AWD system was more important to driving excellence than the Accord 2.0T's manual. Also, the "before times" traffic around here had become so oppressive that I actually preferred an automatic sometimes. It took awhile for me to acknowledge this, but eventually it became obvious.

If I lived in the suburbs and had the space for multiple cars, I'd probably have a true sports car with MT (Miata, 86/BRZ), and I'd keep it around for many, many years.


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Manual is just better in every respect.

I still find myself using the paddle shifters to put the car in the right gear occasionally and sometimes the car decides it is not going to change gears, which I find frustrating. I am starting to get used to it but I would have purchased a manual if one was available.


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If a manual were available, I'd be saving my pennies. It's not, so I'm probably going elsewhere, despite the fact that it's a fantastic looking car.
Don’t discount the Stinger because a lack of manual transmission. I drove 2 different manual transmission cars as daily drivers over 15 years. I miss it big time. But, the car is so overall awesome I couldn’t pass it up. But, like others have said, and I said earlier in this thread, I would trade mine in tomorrow if a manual transmission was made available with the 3.3 (and if I could get the indigo color with it)