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Limited Production Stinger Atlantica

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger in the News' started by Waynerm002, Mar 6, 2018.

  1. netmag

    netmag United States Member

    Nice to hear you guys got the yellow. Is it safe to assume you didn't pre-order it? Did you go around several dealers when it was released to find one that didn't play games?

    From what I can see, we have upwards of 15 dealers within a reasonable distance so I'm hoping to at least keep it at MSRP even if I have to go trhough every dealer. I already got a call from one dealer that we visited last month about it. We told him we were going to wait for the DBC. I've been busy so I haven't gone back in or anything. However, I'm not sure how pre-orders work. Can you lock it in at MSRP? If not I guess I'll just have to wait to try to get the best deal when the time comes.
  2. Waynerm002

    Waynerm002 United States Active Member

    Here is a video with some more info on the car as well as interior photos. Looks like it will be the same brown as the European launch model.

  3. I went through 5 dealers. 2 for a normal Stinger, then 3 more to find one that would sell the Sunset Yellow at MSRP. There was no way to pre-order that I was aware of, as most dealers didn't know exactly when they were getting it until about a week before.

    I would definitely get everything in writing before I stepped foot in a dealer. I had 2 dealers back out of a deal, and I had quotes from them on the price, so unless they send you a specific email for an exact VIN with everything written out I wouldn't believe the price.

    It was almost 2 months before I finally got mine, and it was WELL worth it. I wanted a Sunset Yellow GT2 AWD when the Stinger was announced, so that's why I held out. I eventually would have settled for Blue or Red, but I got what I wanted with perserverence and patience.

    Always remember, a dealer ALWAYS needs to sell a car worse than we ever need to buy one. The 3 Yellows I originally got shafted on are still sitting on the dealers showrooms also.

    It was good I got shafted too because I ended up with a WAY better dealer and car than I was going to settle for:thumbup:
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  4. DaJackson

    DaJackson United States Active Member

    Looks like there is another “limited edition” badge on the center console sliding door.
  5. Mach_Tuck

    Mach_Tuck United States Active Member

    Same here. Patience and perseverance. There is still one in my immediate area that was marked up $20k. Now down to $10k only and they are calling me to see if still interested. Ha ha too late. That sale has shipped out. Same dealer told me they had 9 buyers at the $70k mark. Guess not so much. Almost want to drive my yellow over to see it
  6. netmag

    netmag United States Member

    Thanks for the replies. Mach, you had mentioned in another thread that you had used Costco pricing at some dealers. Did anybody accept it for the yellow? Were either of you able to get a yellow below MSRP?

    For me I just hope they're still doing some kind of lease cash when it launches in July. I feel like that money will make a big difference in helping to keep the price in line.

  7. Mach_Tuck

    Mach_Tuck United States Active Member

    No one honored Costco pricing. I ended up at invoice +$500(tint) + taxes and fees. Doing the lease/buy method and waiting for KMF to activate my account. After all said and done my TOTAL price including financing to buy out the lease will be approx $49k. Tax is 8.5% so that hurts total. Still below MSRP once done and, save the camera and suede headliner is EXACTLY what I wanted.

    I also got a 4yr/60k platinum plus warranty for $400 ($1 over cost) that covers everything including...1 alignment, 1 set of brake pads, 1 set wiper blades, unlimited light bulbs including led headlamp, 1 battery replacement, belts and hoses, 1 key per year replacement. Battery plus alignment will cover that cost easy. Anything else is gravy. I could only get 60k since that the longest lease they offer. At $1 over cost and including the extras, I could say no.

    Best of luck.
  8. Dealers don't have to do anything but overcharge you and stay in business. I never had a dealer honor any quote, Costco or otherwise. Kia of Muncie, where I purchased the car, did give me a quote and honor it without anything else being needed, which just shows the great dealers are out there, you just have to work to find one.

    Now with that being said, lol, Mach and I put in work to find a dealer that would at least start at MSRP and go from there. I got mine for $51,700, which is MSRP minus my military discount plus some additional off because my dealer likes our military. Taxes and fees for South Carolina are so minor, that it doesn't even matter including them in the final price. Seriously total fees were less than $600, including tax lol. I rolled in ~$2500 from my Optima trade into the price, so without that I could've gotten out the door for less than MSRP. However, I didn't mind rolling the extra in as it allowed my wife and I to keep money in the bank for some upgrades on the house this summer, and me to get things like window tint.

    I wish you the best in finding a dealer that will work with you on the price, as my biggest fear is that they are going to hang on to the pipe dream of a $10k+ markup for so long that they will end up dumping them off for nothing and ruining the appeal of the car. Only time will tell though.
  9. Mach_Tuck

    Mach_Tuck United States Active Member

    MAN...i need to change states. Taxes and Fees for me came to approx $2500 ($600 tax on lease cash, $500 doc fee, $650 lease fee, $900 registration/title fee)...all worth it in the end.

    Oh, and that amount above does not include the 8.5% tax i still owe on the buyout amount of $44,000!!! Yep taxes suck!!!
  10. robz32

    robz32 United States Active Member

    This is true. Great dealers still exist. The dealer I went to (Westside Kia in Houston) did not offer Costco member prices, however upon talking to the sales manager and showing them the discounts offered by Costco, they were more than happy to honor the Costco discounts and offers. Needless to say that's were I purchased mine from.
  11. RJStinger

    RJStinger United States Member

    The key replacement alone would cover that cost. I've never heard of such a deal. I lost my Sonata's key and they quoted me over 500 for the replacement a year ago.
  12. Mach_Tuck

    Mach_Tuck United States Active Member

    I was floored too when i read it...its a warranty for lease deals only so that maybe why. I think it would cover "most" items prior to your disposition inspection. This is the reason i was only able to get a 4yr/60K term. However, given the extras that were included, i will get my money back and then some even in NOTHING actually fails on the car. Come time to renew, i will make the call on whether or not an additional warranty is needed or required.

    Here is the link with info...
    Kia Distinction | Term Care Select Platinum Plus Coverage

    The key replacement is part of the Driver's OneCard Membership...looks like a $400 limit on the key...ill take that for a $500 key any day of the week
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  13. AnyVare

    AnyVare United States Active Member

    Thanks for posting, but what crap. How do you call it a "concept" when everything about it is NOT special and available on models overseas. If Kia is truly listening to the market (not their pockets) they would get their head out of their !@#%!
  14. Waynerm002

    Waynerm002 United States Active Member

    Here is my take on this whole thing. Your average buyer isn't aware of what's going on in other markets. While there a lot of voices here on this forum, we enthusiasts are a small number when compared to the whole. I think in some markets they sell the full monty to compete "evenly" with the Germans, here in the US they are still trying to make a dent but they also don't want to impinge on the Genesis brand. Adding these options does make it special if it is not going to be available across all versions of the stinger. KIA didn't see this as being a mass production vehicle based on their ranking in consumer minds. The expectation is that like the K900, it showcases what they can do and the hope is to get the word, and the vehicle out to those who might not have considered buying a KIA.

    Folks are saying it is too expensive, it's a copy of MB, Audi, whatever. Then they drive it! Oh crap, this thing is fantastic! Then they go price up their favorite Luxury brand and realize the Stinger gives them more when compared on what they other guys cost. I can get a 6 cylinder "sport" sedan that feels like a German branded car for the prices of their 4? Now they want one! Oh wait, there isn't one in the color with the options I want!? For some the exclusivity sets in and they get one of what is available as who knows how long this will be around. KIA is starting to hear that folks are looking to acquire the GT much more than the 2.0T and 2.0T Premium. Now they have to decide if they should up the production or keep it low and do Limited runs to maintain it's standing. For now, they decide; let's do limited runs and see how it does.

    They realize they can't go too high in price with this car even though folks are buying them. This would put them in direct competition with Genesis, who have had a rocky start so far. KIA already makes great cars, with the Stinger, they are getting more people into their showrooms to look at their other cars and the word is getting out! Once summer comes and they launch their face lifted models, I think they will see an increased demand for their products. I think if this keeps up, they will have to do more for the 2.0T, power and equipment wise to get the folks who don't want to pay that much for KIA products but might be willing to go that route if the car has better performance. For the weight of the car (2.0T), it needs a bit more power, that's my opinion, I'll leave that discussion for another time.

    These Sportback type vehicles aren't big sellers for the other guys as one would think, KIA knows this. If they end up outselling the Germans, that would be a huge upset for KIA and an opportunity for them to grow in the marketplace. Subaru has grown a lot as folks realize their AWD systems are great after all the bad weather that they are selling in higher number outside of the northern states. This has Subaru improving their products and increasing their prices. A lot of us KIA owners already know the quality and reliability we get from our cars, with the Stinger they have now given us a taste of performance at a rather reasonable price when compared to the the competition. If the Limited Editions keep it special, then it's good for them. Now they need to improve their dealership experience so the folks from the Luxury brands can come in and have a great experience purchasing it.
  15. Manchuz

    Manchuz Canada Member

    What......still no cup holder lids......you disappoint me Atlantica :alien:.
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  16. Stung

    Stung United States Member

    If that's it, it really looks awesome
  17. Andreas Magnusson

    Andreas Magnusson United States New Member

    We need a "Carlifornia edition" for the hotter states. As much as the colder states need heated seats and steering wheels we need cooled seats. I drive a fully loaded Optima SX right now and I am looking to by a Stinger but the only way to get the cooled seats is to get the fully loaded GT2 it seems. I have ventilated seats now and I love that feature.
  18. RVance

    RVance United States Newish Member

    The automobile makers' marketing departments are always the most clueless, detached people in the company. This looks like an attempted halo car to suit their egos and any residual inferiority complex from their history of being an economy brand. Too bad.
  19. Jumpy

    Jumpy United States Active Member

    Sofyan mentioned in his recent snow-track video (Redline Reviews) that the Atlantica will be a standard trim for 2019. That's gotta be a tough pill to swallow for those of you who bought GT2s and wanted the Deep Chroma Blue or some of the Euro-spec features.
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  20. netmag

    netmag United States Member

    Hmm, I'm not sure about that. The people that really, really wanted the Deep Chroma Blue were going to wait or get nothing anyway. Those that went ahead and pulled the trigger were probably ones that could take it (if it were available) or leave it. Deep Chroma Blue was my #1 from the get go, but I also was open to Panthera Metal with Red interior if I could get it. My wife solidified it though because she was 100% Deep Chroma Blue. We saw every color in person except Panthera Metal but now I guess it doesn't matter anymore.

    The enhanced features alone could be a sore point whether you were into Deep Chroma Blue or not. However, I wouldn't be surprised if they released some of those features for other 2019 models. However, I don't think they will be offering Deep Chroma Blue again anytime soon so I'm planning to jump in with this 2019 release. I still might have a preference for the Red interior, but with Deep Chroma Blue and the enhanced features I think I'll be Ok with the brown.

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