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Kia Stinger GTS

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger in the News' started by eflyguy, Apr 17, 2019.

  1. robz32

    robz32 United States 1000 Posts Club! Staff Member Moderator Texas Stinger Swarm

    Houston, TX
    will do.
  2. Manchuz

    Manchuz Canada Active Member

    My last car was a '03 Acura TL Type-S A-Spec, with only 800 made and exclusive to Canada, so I like the exclusivity as well. And the reason why Acura was releasing a special edition vehicle was cause of the new face lift for next year, so there was a huge manufacturer's rebate, which I took full advantage of. So I'd look to see if there's some big rebate on the GTS.
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  3. turboAWD

    turboAWD United States Active Member Sustaining Member

    Having owned somewhat rare models in the past ('84 GLI, '90 GTi 16v, '94 Corrado VR6, all Canadian models), the exclusivity charm wore off long ago - every (*&@#$ part was 1.5-2x the cost of the normal part, etc.. When a deer ran into my Corrado in '04 (not that old), I got "the last driver's door in North America" shipped from California.. Kinda funny because I was moving to CA a few months later..

    My '05 Legacy GT was SO much better for this - there were no real "specialty" parts, so parts availability was much better.
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