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Kia Stinger - Australia discussions (pre-release)

Discussion in 'Stingers Down Under' started by app_master, Apr 13, 2017.


    PERTH KIA Australia Newish Member

    Hi Guys.

    Good to see everyone getting out and test driving the cars and by all accounts loving them, I have been driving our demo for the last two nights and I am more impressed everyday. So many features and such a smooth and balanced drive. Having spent 12 years with BMW as a Mechanic and Sales Executive this car is 100% up there with the likes of BMW and Mercedes.

    Just to let everyone know we have managed to secure a little extra Stock coming next month, we have a Snow White Pearl GT available and a Red GT available. These cars wont last long so if anyone is looking to get their hands on one this year please let me know.
    We can arrange transport interstate if needed. Private message me for more info.

    We are expecting our first deliveries to go out tomorrow which should be the first 2 in WA I believe.

    Cheers guys.
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  2. Terra

    Terra Australia Active Member

    Awesome sticks........

    Let us know if you fine anything we haven't read about.

    One thing I found in the test drive was the rear view mirrors tilt when in reverse. Something small but all helps to the toy's in the package.
  3. Sting

    Sting Australia Active Member

    Yup, Tilting is also standard on the OPTIMA, so I would have expected it.
    But Sticks, loving it! Did you change the Wheel badges and steering wheel too? Are they the same size?
    How does it sound, Sticks?
    Has ne1 recorded the audio of the existing exhausts?
    I get mine sometime next week, Deep Chroma Blue with BLack Nappa Leather.
    Test driving tomorrow morning before I head to work. Ryde (NSW) they got their showroom/Demo Car in today.
    Think they are still unwrapping and getting ready for tomorrow. Long wait for the rest of the orders and even longer for new orders.
    Currently, 10 at the moment, excluding mine and another.
  4. Sting

    Sting Australia Active Member

    I see Sticks is also wearing the T-Shirt!
    Does it come with the car?
    Anything else extras? Giftwise?
    After all, we waited this long, the least KMA (Kia Motors America) could do. If not the price then something else.

    Edit: Looks like Kia badges on the wheels on Sticks car!
  5. Ozstung

    Ozstung Australia Active Member Sustaining Member

  6. Sting

    Sting Australia Active Member

    Sticks, can you tell us who you are insured with?
  7. Terra

    Terra Australia Active Member

    Badges are 3m stuck on.

    (Warning, The Stinger has badge holes as well as per sticks post below)

    That sux..... And has changed my plans.
    Last edited: Oct 12, 2017
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  8. Terra

    Terra Australia Active Member

    As for insurance, I read some pages back about youi quoting around $600.......

    I tried them and $2600 was quoted based on SS Redline. (variables dependent)

    Shannon's $1200 so far.
  9. sticks

    sticks Australia Member

    In regards to the badges there is two holes in the boot three holes in the front but no screws or bolts. Fishing line to cut double sided tape. I don't think the Korean E badge will cover the three holes in the front. The Optima wheel badge which I have was too big to fit. Steering wheel one is made to go over the Kia badge but I didn't like the fit so I removed it. The exhaust sound is too quiet for me. I had a computer controlled exhaust on my SS which went from straight through to legal sound limit when the butterfly was closed. Can't wait to hear the new exhaust. No accessories available now so it was the T shirt and a full tank of 98 that I received. I have a few policies with Youi and have had no claims, I suppose that is why I got the insurance for $567.00.
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  10. Sting

    Sting Australia Active Member

    With the insurance, i had 1 claim with shannons and quoted$1900.
    But YOUI, BIT TOO STEEP FOR $3150. Not for me.
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  11. Tazztattoo

    Tazztattoo Australia Active Member

    I was hoping to put the E badge up front and already have one ready to go. From my photo here does that help clarify if it will retro fit on the front panel as the E 20171012_163424.jpg badge has small studs on the back that would need to line up with the panel holes under the original KIA badge. My carbon fibre 3D K badges dont have these studs just a flat back with adhesive film

    Attached Files:

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  12. sticks

    sticks Australia Member

    Looking at the E badge the holes were made for it well done but you will have to have a badge for the back to hide the two holes there. I was hoping not to have a badge on the back.
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  13. Tazztattoo

    Tazztattoo Australia Active Member

    Thanks Sticks,

    really appreciate the clarification. If that's the case I may just change the front badge only and leave the original KIA one at the back.

    Like you I was hoping to have no badge at the back but I think leaving the original is the next best option with the E badge up front or as you have done with 3D K badges front and back.

    Using a combination of all three badge types would just look confused? Also happy to leave the wheels and horn badges original
  14. westcoastGT

    westcoastGT 1000 Posts Club!

    I have to believe that the Stinger script logo that the Koreans use must be designed to cover the rear 2 holes ? I hope so , I have both the E and the Stinger badges ready to go when mine arrives
  15. jwhollan

    jwhollan United States Active Member

    Man, I hope so too... I REALLY want to put that script on the back of mine.
  16. westcoastGT

    westcoastGT 1000 Posts Club!

    Hopefully one of our Aussie brothers will pull off the rear Kia and replace with the script to answer the question , from what I can see the rear holes are horizontal and level so I think the script is designed to cover it , Kia wouldnt have made 2 trunks to deal with this issue ....................
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  17. davebo

    davebo United States Active Member

    That would also explain why the KIA oval badge isn't recessed in the trunk like on the Optima, because the Korean spec has the script in the middle, so like you said why make a different piece for other markets? I think we'll be in the clear on this but I'll wait for confirmation.
  18. westcoastGT

    westcoastGT 1000 Posts Club!

    Looking at the Script badge I have it certainly looks wide enought to cover the holes , assuming they are in the location where the script badge is applied , But I think you're right , We will be ok !
  19. Kia Stinger

    Kia Stinger United States Administrator Staff Member

    The Stinger looks so good with that "K" badge! It's perfect! That's the way it should have came...
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  20. Sting

    Sting Australia Active Member

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