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Kia Stinger - Australia discussions (pre-release)

Discussion in 'Stingers Down Under' started by app_master, Apr 13, 2017.

  1. app_master

    app_master Australia Stinger Enthusiast Founding Member

    I've thought about this for a while and finally decided to open this thread for specific "Aussie" local discussions prior to release. Welcome all international comments though. I'm sure we'll need other threads to discuss more when it's actually released and driven.

    I know of two us us here (myself and Marco-Oz) that frequent this forum with various input as we prepare ourselves for the inevitable purchase.

    I'll start the discussion with this new article; Kia Stinger could get more hardcore Aussie soundtrack

    Noteworthy bits;
    • bespoke exhaust note tuning...possible exhaust tune specific for Australian cars
    • specific chassis tune for cars sold locally...[but also] "happy with Stinger out of the box"
    • Graeme Gambold ... [local] vehicle dynamics expert has a free reign to fettle any part of the Stinger he sees fit...has permission to work on whatever he likes on this car...really focused on performance.. [to quote him?] ‘hands off that’s mine.’
    • exhibits predictable on-the-limit performance similar to BMW’s 2000 E46 M3...This car has a better compliance ride to it and that’s where Biermann actually benchmarked it.
    • holding more than 30 [pre]orders ...Every order is for the 3.3
    • we will be spot-on with our pricing and very competitive
    • change the badge? There is no way known that we would even contemplate it
    Ready, Set, Discuss...
    Last edited: Apr 13, 2017
  2. stingersteve

    stingersteve Australia New Member

    Another Aussie here as well in melb's, ive put one down and followed this car since day 1, was going to get a Clubsport but chose this due to the potential and quality interior it has.

    I'd probably do a tune and leave everything else, if there are bigger turbos downstream from tuners i may look into them, but this will be a killer car and people will realise this come September, can't wait!

    going for the blue one and will change the wheels over not sure on wheels yet but looking at Ferrado wheels
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  3. Marco-Oz

    Marco-Oz Australia Active Member

    Those wheels would look awesome.
    Very much the same as you stingersteve, I delayed buying a car until this was released in Detroit, then I quickly made up my mind. I'm also in Melb and would consider a tune, air intake and exhaust but will wait for all the bugs to be worked out first and see weather it needs any mods.
    Most recent local articles gives me the impression that Kia Australia (Merideth/Gambold) understand the local market by adding a bit of brute to an already great luxury sports sedan.
    I think if they get the mix right it will appeal to a broader buyer than the locally made Holden and Ford.
  4. app_master

    app_master Australia Stinger Enthusiast Founding Member

    Hey guys. Those wheels on the bottom right look amazing, stingersteve. I'm with marco on won't modify till well into ownership, if at all. I actually like the idea of having a "stock" car that is already amazing. The luxury part of the stinger equation is what is swaying me over the perceived competion in Australia i.e the current and future Holden ford counterparts, I just don't see them stacking up near it.
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  5. stingersteve

    stingersteve Australia New Member

    If i was to be swayed that new G70 Hyundai looks amazing for a car body, rest is all stinger tho :p


    But thankfully im one of the early deposits (about 3 months back) ready and waiting for my TT Stinger delivery.
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  6. Marco-Oz

    Marco-Oz Australia Active Member

    It definitely got my attention earlier today when I saw it, I agree it has similarities to the Stinger but is shorter and narrower which doesn't suit me as I'll use the stinger as a second family car, not to mention this will be some what dearer.
    Stinger all the way.
  7. app_master

    app_master Australia Stinger Enthusiast Founding Member

    New article; https://www.goauto.com.au/mellor/mellor.nsf/story2/5796C2FB9C76303FCA25810600254C7C

    More of the same info but it does seem to "confirm" there is to be different variations of the V6 powered Stinger, up to 3, to be made available. They are calling it an "entry-level V6".

    My absolute guess as to what Australia Kia Stinger models on offer will be...(AUD (not USA) price estimates too)...
    • $42K --- SL (or maybe "Sport"), 2.0L GDI Turbo (entry level)
    • $45K --- Premium, 2.0L GDI Turbo
    • $49K --- Sport, 3.3L GDI V6 Twin Turbo (entry level)
    • $52K --- Premium, 3.3L GDI V6 Twin Turbo
    • $55K --- GT, GDI V6 Twin Turbo
    My opinion though ... They should not offer multiple "GT" versions and definitely one that does not get ALL of and the best features. I'm actually annoyed they plan to offer the 3.3 V6 in lower spec grade. It would be nice for the GT (or GT-Line) to be exclusive to their best drive-train. It also opens the window for them to charge more for the "fullest version" and that will piss me off even more.

    I am of the opinion there should be a singular hero model (GT), at least from the initial model launch.

    I understand why in our market they are doing this but it is still an interesting tack to take...
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2017
  8. Marco-Oz

    Marco-Oz Australia Active Member

    My Opinion is that their trying to give the options similar to the Commodore SS, SSV and SSV Redline, for what ever reason as the Holden has dropped the SSV version this year.
    I have also been thinking if this car will be used by the police they would obviously want the power without all the luxury options (eg sunroof, heated seats etc) and it is an easier to just have the car available in their spec then to adjust individual cars.
  9. app_master

    app_master Australia Stinger Enthusiast Founding Member

    Good call Marco.
    Ok then what do you think "GT" exclusive options might be then?
    • Brembo Brakes
    • Bespoke Exhaust System
    • 19" staggered wheel and tyre combo
    • Complex LED headlights
    • Sunroof
    • D-Cut steering wheel
    • GT badging
    • Dark Chrome
    • Ultra-soft Nappa leather choices
    • Heated/ventilated seats
    • Colour HUD
    • Colour TFT instrument cluster
    • 15 speaker Harmon Kardon Audio
    • Enhanced infotainment (i.e. bigger screen)
    • UVO eSERVICES with Navigation
    Did I miss anything important?
    Last edited: Apr 19, 2017
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  10. Marco-Oz

    Marco-Oz Australia Active Member

    App_Master, I think you've hit the nail on the head.
    I'm guessing it's going to have all the safety features and probably be optioned with the brembo's.
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  11. app_master

    app_master Australia Stinger Enthusiast Founding Member

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  12. Kia Stinger

    Kia Stinger United States Administrator Staff Member

    Hey Aussies! Would you like me to create a subforum for your discussions? As it is, I think it's going to get difficult to find things if ALL Australian Stinger discussion is done in this one topic... Let me know what you think...

    Thank you...
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  13. hereward

    hereward United States Active Member

    Any guesses on correlating the estimated Australian prices to what could be the US prices?

    If we take the exchange rate of 0.78US$/AU$, the AU$55,000 top end GT comes to about US$42,000? My opinion is that this will not happen, and the GT price in US$ will be US$55,000.
  14. Bamm1

    Bamm1 United States Stinger Enthusiast Founding Member

    The 2018 Genesis G80 Sport (RWD) is priced at $55,250 (see the thread in the community lounge). No way the Stinger GT is even close to that number.
  15. app_master

    app_master Australia Stinger Enthusiast Founding Member

    Up to you, but happy to discuss all the pre release aussie stuff in here.
    Trying to apply exchange rates for car pricing never works (Example price is $100k for BMW 440. Wtf! ) We have free trade I believe with korea. They have specific target market in mind here being the Holden and Ford's rwd rivals too, so they need to be hitting those marks.
  16. Marco-Oz

    Marco-Oz Australia Active Member

    Either way, I'm also not fussed.
  17. app_master

    app_master Australia Stinger Enthusiast Founding Member

    Hi Aussie Stinger "potential" owners",

    Read this interesting article on the Australia 2017 BMW 440i Gran Coupe, I've mentioned this particular car few times becasue internationally it has been advised as the direct competitor to the upcoming Stinger GT; http://www.caradvice.com.au/542998/2017-bmw-4-series-pricing-and-specs/

    Here's a summary (from article) of the 440i to compare for yourself;
    • 0-100 km 5.0 to 5.4 sec (so Stinger GT will be quicker!)
    • Price $99,000 (Stinger GT will be almost half this price for Aussies, estimating $55k!)
    The features list here, looks set to be almost identical too;
    • 3.0-litre TwinPower turbo inline-six
    • BMW Individual leather instrument panel (for M Sport Package)
    • ConnectedDrive Concierge Services
    • Heated front seats
    • High Beam Assist
    • Active Cruise Control with Stop&Go function
    • Parking Assistant
    • Adaptive LED Headlights
    • M Sport Package as standard equipment (Luxury Line a no-cost option)
    • Comfort Access keyless entry
    • Electric lumbar support for driver and front passenger
    • harman/kardon 16-speaker, 600W surround sound system
    • Eight-speed sports automatic
    • RWD
    • 19-inch alloy wheels
    • Adaptive M Suspension
    • LED headlights
    • Exterior mirrors with anti-dazzle function
    • Front and rear parking sensors
    • Navigation System Professional with iDrive 6
    • Head-up Display
    • Dakota Leather upholstery
    • Electric sports seats with memory function
    • Extended smartphone connectivity
    • Emergency call and TeleServices
    • ConnectedDrive Services
    • Remote Services
    • Real-time traffic information
    • DAB+ radio capability
    • Lane-change warning
    • Driving Assistant
    • Surround-view 360-degree camera
    • Speed Limit Info
    • Rear-view camera
    • Six-speaker stereo
    • Automatic tailgate (Gran Coupe)
    PS Oh, and the Stinger looks better with a better warranty - if these are important to you, they are a beneficial factors for me ;)
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2017
  18. app_master

    app_master Australia Stinger Enthusiast Founding Member

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  19. Cashie

    Cashie Australia New Member

    I think this is a good idea as I'm sure we will have lots of local topics once the Stinger is released.
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  20. hereward

    hereward United States Active Member



    Here is a 2017 BM 440i priced from the bmwusa.com with all available options . It comes to $US 63,635 ( approx. 77K Oz$. I guess you pay a lot more for a BMW in Australia, as your mentioning a A$99K for a comparable BMW shows.

    So, in the US market, if Kia introduces a Stinger GT at say, US$53,000 with options comparable to a fully-loaded M 440i , that will be a US$10,000 difference, and Kia will steal a large group of BMW owners like me.

    Despite the fanatical belief among the owners that nothing drives like a BMW, there is an increasing feeling here that BMW is not what it was before; and that past 50K miles (80K KM) maintaining the cars becomes prohibitively expensive. In addition, the way BM bundles the options is just greedy. If Kia takes these factors into consideration and prices the cars and the option bundles with some care, they are sure to succeed.

    Vehicle Details from bmwusa.com

    440i Gran Coupe

    3.0-liter BMW TwinPower Turbo inline 6-cylinder Rear-wheel drive

    • BASE MSRP$48,500
    • COLORAlpine White
    • WHEELS18" M Star-Spoke Wheels Style 400M with All-Season Tires
    • UPHOLSTERYGolden Brown Extended Merino Leather$3,750
    • TRIM Fineline Anthracite Wood Trim with PearlGloss Chrome highlight
      Executive Package$2,100
      M Sport Package$2,550
      Premium Package$2,000
      Adaptive M Suspension$700
      Heated rear seats$350
      Heated Steering Wheel$190
      Merino Leather Dashboard
      Apple CarPlay Compatibility$300
      Active Blind Spot Detection$500
      Active Cruise Control$1,200
      Active Driving Assistant$500
    • TOTAL MSRP as Built$63,635
    • Estimated Lease$857
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