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What free gift did you get with your car?

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger Talk' started by mev202, Apr 13, 2018.

  1. Almost the same here (minus the 2 mugs). My dealer experience has all been positive (so far).
  2. Euljiro1ga

    Euljiro1ga Active Member

    I got this black card in a black box.
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  3. JustThatPenguin

    JustThatPenguin United States Active Member

    That's fing awesome! You need to tell them you lost it and get a replacement so I can buy it off you. Lol
  4. Euljiro1ga

    Euljiro1ga Active Member

    Sal should make something like this. I'll buy one, don't know what for though.
  5. Madman

    Madman Australia Active Member Sustaining Member

    Someone care to explain what exactly it is?
  6. Weareblondi

    Weareblondi United States Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    euljiro1ga, i am with you. don't know what it is, but i want one. make it two because the mrs will want one also. as for what we got with the stinger......nothing. we got a hot car made hotter when the mrs drives it.....ok, she's gone. the dealer gave us a couple of umbrellas with his name on it, not kia.
  7. Euljiro1ga

    Euljiro1ga Active Member

    I found out what the black card is. It's a Kia membership card (I believe it's only for Korea). You get it with every Kia car, but normally it says Kia, only Stingers and K9 (K900) gets cards with the model name on it, instead of the generic Kia membership card.

    With that card, you can enjoy a few benefits like free valet at some fancy places, discounts at restaurants, earn and redeem points at supermarkets. Nothing that special or particularly useful. You get free servicing, Nav updates, and some other stuff with any Kia car purchase anyway.
  8. Madman

    Madman Australia Active Member Sustaining Member

    But shit, it looks good!
  9. Euljiro1ga

    Euljiro1ga Active Member

    Indeed, looks very stylish and classy.
  10. From the dealership I got a wine bottle. The salesman gave me the windows tint (the darkest allowed) for free (taking it from his sales-commission for the car).

    And from Kia Mexico they sent me a empty watch box. After I went to the dealership to ask, although they didn't know, I guess they filed a claim, because shortly after I got another Kia labeled box, this time it was sealed in plastic wrap with a Tissot watch.

  11. robz32

    robz32 United States Active Member Staff Member Moderator

    WTH!!!....A watch???....Damn!!:(
  12. Euljiro1ga

    Euljiro1ga Active Member

  13. MBro

    MBro United Kingdom Member

    I got sweet FA
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