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Need help with ambient lighting

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger Lighting - Inside and Out' started by Leo, Apr 12, 2018.

  1. G-987242

    G-987242 Guest

    Hello everyone, I hade the same problem with my Stinger. The Ambient lights just stopped working one day and the settings disappeared. I fixed the problem by turning off the fuse box on the left of the steering wheel, remove the fuse MODULE 1, check for good fuse/connection across. Fuse was good so I plugged it back in. Turn On the fuse box.

    After starting the car the settings for ambient lights came back and the lights are now working.

    Hope this can help some of you
  2. antonini311

    antonini311 United States Member

    Southern California
    Maybe this was already answered. But you can also control the level of the ambient lighting, so maybe it is set to minimum and you are having trouble seeing it. But mine is set to max and I can see it anytime I'm either in a dark area (tunnel, etc) or at night.
  3. G-249592

    G-249592 Guest

    Please help me I can’t figure out what fuse your talking about and the dealership is saying the 2.0 doesn’t have this feature... I’m 1000% sure I have changed the color of the lights...
  4. 7Andrei7

    7Andrei7 Romania Member

    Bucharest, Romania
    Not sure if you managed to fix this already but I had a similar experience with the Wireless Charging option. One day it just disappeared from the menu. The dealer tried to diagnose and even updated the firmware. No luck. What fixed it in the end was just a factory reset from the menu in between the dials. It just appeared back in the menu after the reset. Maybe this could fix your problem.
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