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Harman Kardon Headphone Promotion

Discussion in 'Stingers Down Under' started by TB 00, May 13, 2018.

  1. AV8R

    AV8R Australia 1000 Posts Club! Staff Member Moderator

    Can’t wait to get my survey as they will get a what for!
  2. Stinger GT SS

    Stinger GT SS Australia Stinger Enthusiast

    I received nothing from Kia AU & I got mine 31st Nov. 17.
  3. DCBStingerGT

    DCBStingerGT Australia Stinger Enthusiast

    Check the "SPAM" section of your email address..haha:):rofl::rofl:
  4. Stinger GT SS

    Stinger GT SS Australia Stinger Enthusiast

    Hahaha, I have a email folder for all related emails on purchase if it came in I would have placed it there, good thought though.
  5. eljay

    eljay United States Active Member

    Yay! Got my headphones today! Thank goodness I didn't stash the dead porch plant in the garage as I'd planned, since it hid the box nicely from the porch pirates until I got home with a new plant this afternoon.

    Very nice, KMA (Kia Motors America)! :)

    If any of you are still waiting, they're evidently going out regionally, not by purchase date, as I bought Dec. 28th.
  6. Bothor

    Bothor Australia Newish Member

    The only gift I got from Kia was my car delivered with complimentary swirl marks (and the owner of the dealership effectively telling me "Too bad, so sad"). My detailer said all the Stinger's he's worked on so far have been just as bad before correction. My 19k Mitsubishi came with better paint (only very minor micro scratches which is fair enough), as well as the overall experience was significantly better - they didn't try to screw me at every opportunity.

    Love the car, do not love the dealership experience. When Kia Australia called me to ask how the car is, I told them about everything and they said I should have rang them... sure, who knows to call Kia Australia - the dealers are their representatives why should I have to know to call Kia Australia about any problem I have? Not keen on Kia Australia either after that.
  7. DCBStingerGT

    DCBStingerGT Australia Stinger Enthusiast

    I had a similar dealership experience, my car had some hazing on the Deep Chroma Blue, and still has a mark on the rear lower black skirt that houses the exhaust tips, on the day of delivery i asked for the cleaning guy to fix it, it seemed ok at the time but seems to have reappeared, will bring it up on my 3 month service.

    Hey there @Bothor , which suburbs in melbourne are you from?
  8. Bothor

    Bothor Australia Newish Member

    I'm from east/south east area (city of Knox). I've got the deep chroma blue as well (side-note, finally getting the bi-modal exhaust today!). Since my detailer corrected the paint it is in good nick now, except for one (thankfully very minor and non-obvious) mark from an unfortunate incident involving the stupid not-so-"smart hatch" that thought my garage wall was me... thanks to my Kia dealer again for not telling me about this feature - I immediately turned it off afterwards.

    I've definitely learnt some lessons from this whole experience, next time I buy a car I'll pay my detailer half a day to come with me to the dealer whenever I pick a new car up again (including refusing delivery if they won't fix issues), and I will go over the dealers head every time they give me any grief. It sucks as it makes you look like a difficult customer but you otherwise get walked all over.
  9. DCBStingerGT

    DCBStingerGT Australia Stinger Enthusiast

    Awesome, i had the Bi-modal exhaust on my paperwork, but had it removed as the system was not available at time of delivery, are you having Ceramic Coating applied as well to protect the paintwork, the Deep Chroma Blue is beautiful, but like black paintwork, you can see all the swirls, fingerprints..etc, it's such a delicate colour.
    Im from the northern suburbs.
  10. Bothor

    Bothor Australia Newish Member

    Yep already got a ceramic coating (ceramic pro) applied by my detailer. I've found the hood pretty much stays clean all the time in the rainy season as the air flow takes the water + dirt with it. The sides/rear however getting very dirty as the air doesn't really hit it. Liking the coating so far.
  11. RedOnDaInside

    RedOnDaInside United States Member

    Got mine today. Haha
  12. Ozstung

    Ozstung Australia Stinger Enthusiast Sustaining Member

    What colour ?
  13. RedOnDaInside

    RedOnDaInside United States Member

    Didn’t take it out the box yet!
  14. Ozstung

    Ozstung Australia Stinger Enthusiast Sustaining Member

    I'LL take that's as a black then.
  15. Kamauxx

    Kamauxx United States 1000 Posts Club!

    And has more features.
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