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Can the transfer case oil be changed?


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I still have a ways to go, barely 3100 miles on the car. I do tend to over maintain my cars so definitely like to be in the know how to do something. Never had a car with a transfer case or a front diff, so this is all new.

Just getting this car on jack stands is a royal pita. When I did trans (6mt) and diff on the G, I would just place the car on 4 drive on ramps to get the it level. Can't quite do that as there's no front/rear central jacking points.

It is the same for me. I do like to maintain the car as it is my daily driver. I gave up on jack stands a while ago. I was scared to crack the windshield or the sunroof with the amount of flex the car would have when jacking up each side. I ended up getting a quick jack when it was on sale at Costco. It has paid for itself as we were able to save money from going to the dealer for basic maintenance for the two cars that we own.

While on the subject, I changed diff fluids when the car had ~50K kms. The rear diff fluid had a lot of metal shavings. Some were almost 5mm in length. Nothing was noticed when I drained it again at ~100K kms. It could just be a one off situation. Not super impressed with the build of the car. At the current mileage (~131K kms), there are multiple oil seepages (at the bell housing, valve cover, timing case cover). I guess that is to be expected.


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I use this to jack up a whole side at a time.

I use pucks in between the pads and pinchweld, one side as close as possible to the front jack point, then the other somewhere near the middle of the car. Jacks up nicely then place jackstands at factory jacking positions. Repeat on the other side. Once jack stands are in place i leave the floorjack with this adapter in position while working on the car as a safety. So far so good.


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Bought the extended warranty to 200000km. Any issues for me will be covered.
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