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2018 Stinger Recall - Wire Harness May Be Damaged By Fender

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger TSB Discussion' started by Kamauxx, Nov 6, 2018.

  1. Metalmania82

    Metalmania82 United States Active Member

    Reading, PA
    I got a grommet and no harness. They had both in stock.
  2. MerlintheMad

    MerlintheMad United States 10000 Posts Club!

    West Jordan, Y00TAW
    Hmm. Memory serves me … sketchily. :rolleyes: I REMEMBER going back for the harness. Now I'm unsure. But that's how my dealer works: they order the parts and call when the parts are in.

    Correct me: the harness issue is solved by covering the wheel well hole with a grommet so that there will be no rubbing in the future: but the harness is only replaced if it is showing any signs of wear through the wires. So, most Stingers did not receive a new harness, because most harnesses were not showing signs of rubbing through the wires. Is that correct?
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  3. Rob M

    Rob M United States Active Member

    Maryland, USA
    Correct. If the wiring harness is not touching the fender apron panel they just install the grommet. If visual inspection reveals that the wiring harness is contacting the fender apron panel a few more steps are required to be able to access the harness and visually inspect and determine whether the wiring has been damaged. If there is damage to the harness, the dealer has to open a Techline case online and not proceed with claim submission until wire harness replacement approval or denial is determined. It is likely relatively few Stingers needed to have the harness replaced. I will ask the dealer what they actually did once my Stinger is ready (on day 2 they left a message stating the recall was complete, but they are also replacing the front rotors and diagnosing auto start/stop issue).
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