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Sporty Exhaust Crackle

Discussion in 'Open Letters to Kia Motors' started by StingerGT156, Feb 9, 2018.

  1. Ozstung

    Ozstung Australia 1000 Posts Club! Sustaining Member

    Western Sydney.
    Thanks Stinger GT SS, totally agree with your thoughts on the Varex x force system having also heard it "live" The EVC feature is really handy. Got to be honest not a fan of the Kia bi modial exhaust and haven't heard too many rave reviews but each to there own. I have test driven an example and it was hit or miss. My Ark grip with the addition of me Sound deadening the whole trunk has helped with the drone.
    I believe you can get the axle back Kia Bi modial exhaust for around $2600 fitted by Kia. My Ark grip non EVC fitted $2800. $AUD.
  2. AnyVare

    AnyVare United States Active Member

    I'm the group that doesn't really like that popping sound. It really does sound like something's broke vs a crackle.
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  3. app_master

    app_master Australia Stinger Enthusiast Founding Member

    Brisbane, Australia
    I posted this elsewhere so I thought it may be more relevant to discuss here...sorry for double post.

    Ok, so has anyone here actually got the Xforce Varex catback AND fitted the smarbox controller. Equates to around the same money as the Kia bimodal, however with the smartbox it would seem you might have far more customised control ... but no kia warranty, if that's important? I am sure Xforce would have it's own warranty.

    with Polished Stainless Steel Cat-Back System With Twin 2.5" Piping Varex Rear Mufflers
    Varex Smart Box
  4. DaBears4Lyfe

    DaBears4Lyfe United States Stinger Enthusiast

    Remove the cat and muffler or pop in some dump valves I get some real nice gurgles and crackle.
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