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So I am dropping my Stinger off for Repaint...

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger Exterior Discussion' started by Luminary, Jun 21, 2018.

  1. gilthanis1

    gilthanis1 United States Active Member

    Upstate South Carolina
    855-454-2847 -- Have your VIN handy, just in case.
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  2. Mach_Tuck

    Mach_Tuck United States Stinger Enthusiast

    Phoenix, AZ
    Agreed...NOT covering the headlight issue is a huge red flag for me. This may require escalation as others have suggested.

    I would consider Kia paying to PPF the entire car assuming no issues on said paint before PPF applied. That may be a better option since PPF is typically good for 7 to 10 years. I think i would prefer this over a piecemeal respray. Just food for thought
  3. Luminary

    Luminary United States Active Member Staff Member Moderator Sustaining Member +

    Northern VA
    Thanks everyone. Needless to say I am not happy with the work that was completed, and while I do have a case # the dealership was able to get for me, I am going to be calling KMA (Kia Motors America) and see what happens next.

    I love KIA, have for more then 13 years now. My Stinger is my 7th KIA. Lets see what (if anything) KMA (Kia Motors America) says.
    Will keep you all updated.

    Just for giggles, listing out all of my KIA's:
    2005 Sadona (used - this is the car that got me hooked on KIA)
    2012 Forte (new, from same dealership)
    2014 Optima Turbo SX (new, from other dealership)
    2009 Rio (used, from same dealership)
    2013 Rio (used, from same dealership)
    2015 Rio (used, from same dealership - still have)
    2018 Stinger (new, from same dealership - current)
  4. DigitalGuru18

    DigitalGuru18 United States Active Member

    When you talk to them, tell them about this forum and the others who are watching and supporting each other until this gets fixed properly. Unfortunately, loyalty to any auto company doesn't count for much these days. Best of luck and keep us informed.
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  5. KiaofMuncie

    KiaofMuncie United States Kia Dealership Stinger Dealer

    Muncie, IN
    When will we see some photos? Did you go through the dealer or a paint shop?
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