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Should I buy a stinger?

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger Talk' started by Davidvii, May 13, 2018.

  1. AV8R

    AV8R Australia 2500 Posts Club! Staff Member Authorized Vendor Moderator

    Na I’d buy a white hat for those pants!
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  2. Stinger GT SS

    Stinger GT SS Australia 1000 Posts Club!

    Sydney, NSW
    Then unbutton the shirt some more & add a thick gold chain....all done.
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  3. AV8R

    AV8R Australia 2500 Posts Club! Staff Member Authorized Vendor Moderator

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  4. sean888

    sean888 Australia Member

    New models usually have some issues arise over time that get dealt with in subsequent manufacturing years.

    As another said, stick with what you have for now. Review in 12 months time and save up your cash..

    If you have to go into significant debt to buy it, when you have a very decent debt free car now, that's a bad idea given the increasingly uncertain economic future. Americans awash in debt (as so many are) are going to be in trouble again.
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  5. Expert4

    Expert4 United States Active Member

    Prior lake MN
    I have owned 2 optimas and currently own a 2015 sx with 40k miles on it. My Optima is still my daily driver or bad weather driver. My stinger gt limited is my special car which gets driven on nice weather days and days when I don’t have extra passengers. I love my Optima but the stinger is truly a different and better expierence and I can’t stop smiling when I drive it.

    With all this being said it sounds like the stinger is a want for you and not a need so if your finances are happy than follow your heart and get the stinger. If the finances are not extremely stable the Optima is a great car exspecially if you have the turbo model.

    The biggest problem with the Optima is there are too many on the road and on the market so getting a great trade in value is unlikely unless your dealer really wants to move a stinger.
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  6. NickUK

    NickUK United Kingdom Member

    As others have said, it depends on your financial position. No car is worth going into debt for, but if you can afford the monthly payments or afford to buy it outright, then i would go for it, because the Stinger is an amazing car. Don't feel like you're gonna miss out, if anything the next gen of US Stingers will have better/more features, that are somewhat lacking in the 1st gen. Ultimately up to you. I scrimped and saved for a few years and used the value of my old car to get my Stinger and it was worth it, but personally i would have waited for even longer if i had to save up that bit extra. You're only 29 so sounds like you have plenty of time and don't need to rush into anything (i'm 26, so not being condescending!). Again, this is all assumption because i don't know your financial position. You have a fairly young car, so it won't konk out on you anytime soon, so there is that too. Depends what you want in life and what you can physically afford.
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  7. Ivansito

    Ivansito United States Active Member

    To reap any benefit of paying off a car, You have to hang with it awhile. Would not make any sense to have paid all those high monthly payments on a finance only to turn around and sell it after. Figure out what you would pay on a monthly payment on a Finance of a new Stinger. Take what you would have paid put it away in savings or investment for at least 3 years. Take that money after three years with interest and pay your car in cash. Now you have 2 cars paid off.;)
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