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Paint protection film for my Stinger

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger Detailing Discussion' started by Ruturaj, Dec 17, 2018.

  1. StingerGT68

    StingerGT68 Stinger Enthusiast

    Just don't do it, man. Spend the extra $150 for full hood coverage. I've seen Ferarris at car shows with half hood and it looks like crap. And if the car is dirty at all, it's very noticeable from any distance.
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  2. MerlintheMad

    MerlintheMad United States 2500 Posts Club!

    West Jordan, Y00TAW
    I don't understand a job half done. :rolleyes: I'm with @StingerGT68 on this.

    Ten feet away? A clean car won't show the line on the hood, true enough; even closer than that. But YOU know it's there and you will always see it.

    (I know the scrapes on the underside of my RF bumper are THERE. Nobody can see them unless they get down on their knees and bend way over and look up at the underside of the bumper. Damned curb! Oversized, Fn thing!! And damn my spatial sense, STILL, after eleven months. I've pulled up to that curb many times and always stopped half a foot short: but not this morning, for no reason at all, I overhung my nose over it four inches; heard the scrape too; hoped it was just ice on the underside of my car scraping ice up front: not a chance: so come spring, I will be employing the touch up brush "lovingly" to each black scrape mark: and meanwhile, for all the upcoming weeks till then, I will have it in my middle mind that my car's underside, RF bumper is SCRAPED clear to the black plastic: and I won't rest easy. So it is if you only cover the front half of your hood.)
  3. ShannonC

    ShannonC Australia Stinger Enthusiast

    Probably not.
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  4. Ruturaj

    Ruturaj United States Stinger Enthusiast

    Raleigh, NC
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  5. CaliSting

    CaliSting United States Stinger Enthusiast

    Kingdom of Kia
    My Stinger came from dealer with full front end protection. Not sure who did it. It was pretty visible. However it did its job. I just did $2500 worth of xpel on my new Porsche and can hardly tell it has clear bra. Looks like super nice clear coat.

    40F71AC6-2282-4B4B-B3C4-42043D7C7C7D.jpeg View attachment 19718
    Last edited: Feb 11, 2019
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