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Good Luck Trying to Buy Your Lease Out at the Dealer... Actual Physical Altercation


I have experienced three Kia dealerships in Florida. I can tell you that these people are some nasty pieces of work. The gigantesque concentration of narcissism + sociopathy is a clinical whitepaper.

gigantesque - I just love that word. It sounds like gigantic and grotesque put together.
I wish that disgustipation was a real word sometimes. // "No, I can't have Kia dealership. It gives me disgustipation."

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Things are really getting ugly at car dealerships...

The lease on my wife's 2018 Kia Stinger is up and the average retail is more than $13k higher than the residual so we decided that we'll just write a check and buy the car. In Florida you have to go to the dealership to make the transaction so they can get another bite at the apple again I guess. So I call the dealer where we leased it to make an appointment and I wanted to confirm that I just need to pay the residual, $990 dealer fee, tax and tags. The salesman says that they have an additional $500 convenience fee and a few other fees. So I say that doesn't sound too convenient and said thanks anyway. So I call the next closest dealer and she says their dealer fee is only $799 and there are no other fees so we head over there. When we get there I notice that all they have is used cars... So anyway we go in and ask them to write up the buyout. The sales guy comes out and hands me the invoice. He added an $895 inspection fee and a $500 doc fee and $800 to transfer the tags in addition to the dealer fee of $801. SMH... So I said what is this inspection fee ? He said we have to inspect the car because we have to make sure it's safe so you don't come back and sue us. I said... how long does the inspection take ? He says less than an hour...
I tell him that I refuse to pay it and he says there's nothing he can do so I walk out.

So I drive over to dealer where we leased the car and this is where the fun really starts... I pull in the parking lot and there are no new cars on the lot and 8 or 10 salespeople standing outside talking and smoking and hanging out. As I'm getting out of the car and I'm turning to close the door a salesman rushes out to greet me before I even turn around which rubbed me the wrong way. So I tell him we are there to buy out the lease on our Stinger and he says ok come in. We walk in and the only car in the showroom is a used 2021 Stinger so he points and says what do you think of this one. I say that's OK I just want to buy out the lease on my car and he looks a little upset and confused. Anyway... he goes into the sales office for about 10 minutes and walks out with an invoice and hands it to me. I look and he added a $5k ADM (Added Dealer Markup) (Added Dealer Markup) a $990 dealer fee and a $750 doc fee plus the tax and a loan payment which is almost twice what we were paying on the lease.
So first I tell him I don't want a loan and I just want to write a check and he says ok. Then I tell him that I'm not paying the ADM (Added Dealer Markup) (Added Dealer Markup) and the fees and let him know that I called Kia finance and they confirmed that I only need to pay the Residual, the tax, the dealer fee and the transfer fee. He said "No you don't understand ... this car is worth way more than we are charging you and we don't even have to sell it to you". I said No... I have a contract here that says I can buy the car at the end of the lease for the residual... He says No... if you read the fine print we don't have to honor that price...
Now people are starting to look at us because our voices are escalated a bit. So I say fine... I'll just go to another dealer and they'll get the dealer fee... He says that I can't do the buyout at another dealer... I say... just watch and I'm going to tell the whole story on Yelp and about a dozen other websites and I'm going to take this proposal and show it to Kia corporate and I start to put the proposal in my nap sack with my laptop and he says give me that back...
I said No I'm taking it with me... So he grabs my arm and my bag and my wife starts screaming... TAKE YOUR HANDS OFF MY HUSBAND.... So the guy backs off an a more level headed manager comes out and tells me nicely that he wants the proposal back... So I tell him what just happened but he insisted on getting the paper back so I handed it to him figuring that it was his property and we walk out.

So off we go to yet a third dealer. We walk in and get a friendly greeting, the salesman brings us into his office and I explain what we want to do. He goes back to the manager and comes back with an invoice reflecting almost exactly what I thought the entire transaction would cost. We wait about 10 minutes in the waiting room and the closer calls us in and we were done in 15 minutes...

What a Freaken day....

Just beware if you are going to try to buyout a car lease where you have a lot of equity you could be in for a fight literally...
To the OP and others who have encountered this kind of shady - if not outright criminal - dealer treatment: Have you formally reported your experience directly to KIA America HQ? KIA is clearly seeking to move upmarket, including introducing great vehicles like the Stinger (2018), Telluride (2020) and EV6 (2022). Scumbag dealers and salespeople are a major impediment to moving upmarket. But unless KIA corporate hears about horrible treatment of customers, it is harder for them to weed out the bad ones. So please submit a detailed report to KIA America HQ - contact info is provided below. Hopefully they will appreciate the information and take action on it. Also, does Florida have very strong consumer protection laws? Here in Washington state, the Attorney General's office does a fairly good job enforcing consumer protection laws against predatory dealers.

Kia America / Headquarters​

111 Peters Canyon Road Irvine, CA 92606
Voice: 949-468-4800 Fax: 949-468-4515
Michael McHale
Brand Experience Director, Head of Dept. Corporate Communications
Office: (949) 230-2542
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Now I just got an email from Daytona Kia offering to buy the car... That's still about $7k less than they could sell it for considering the low miles and condition...



Not all Kia dealers are the same. As I previously posted, the local dealer charged me $79 + the residual and sales tax on the residual to buy out my lease on a 2019 GTS AWD. Per the paperwork, these were state fees to transfer the title from Kia to me
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