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Criticism on Tests and Reviews form Magazines and Shows

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger Talk' started by Schpok, Mar 13, 2018.

  1. Never thought

    Never thought United States Active Member

    I can’t remember where but I’ve seen reviews saying that the Stinger GT is close to an A7 or Panamera, so close that the extra money for those cars can’t logically justify the purchase.
  2. MarkyMark

    MarkyMark United States Active Member

    Depends what you are looking for. Those cars can outperform the Stinger, just depends on engine type and how they are built up in overall configuration. But the A7 and Panamera are miles apart from the price of a Stinger, pound for pound. Stinger, overall, when pushed hard, the back end can get a bit squirly with the RWD variant, and is a bit software in the corners than the Audi machines. This based on numerous reviews.
  3. Rufus

    Rufus United States Stinger Enthusiast

    Is there an online program that can translate these videos? Unfortunately my Deutsch needs some help on ze sprechen front ;)
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  4. AndyGT

    AndyGT Germany Member

    I am sorry man - I don‘t think that there is any service who could provide that. Basically you don‘t miss anything - they just like what everyone likes. Especially the drivetrain and design was praised. Same as most of the other reviewers stated. Just in deutsch. ;-)

    The only interesting thing was that the Arteon was considered as an underpowered wannabe (four cylinder) while the Stinger hits the bullseye. :)
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  5. eflyguy

    eflyguy United States Active Member

    The test drive series they are putting on around the country also has the BMW 640i and Porsche Panamera for people to drive and compare to.
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  6. StingerGT68

    StingerGT68 United States Active Member

    The 6 series? I thought it was the 4 series Gran coupe.
  7. Waynerm002

    Waynerm002 United States Active Member

    Yeah, it was a 6 GC they had as well as an A5 and the Panamera. My guess is that it competes on size and engine specs for a GT car.
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