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  1. Ozstung

    Ozstung Australia 2500 Posts Club! Sustaining Member

    Western Sydney.
    Nothing surprises me. Fact is strange than fiction especially inside the confines of a workshop or dealership.
  2. sup191

    sup191 United States New Member

    I purchased my Stinger GT2 three weeks ago and have had a similar thing happen three times so far, including this morning once on the way into work. I'll start to push down on the brake until I feel the usual pressure along with the car slowing down normally. Then (possibly during the engine downshifting - not 100% sure yet) the pedal will loose the "braking feeling" and go all the way down to the floor with no braking. A quick pump or two of the pedal will resume braking, although usually with a quick jolt like I applied too much pressure to begin with. Thankfully, another car has not been in front of me nor has it happened during a need for quick braking during freeway travel, but the whole thing really makes me question when/if it's going to happen again. So far, it's happened once per week since I've had it and since it can be many days between the issue happening, i have a strong feeling that it will not happen when the dealer tests it. I'm still going to have it looked at for obvious safety reasons, but happening along this thread makes me wonder how much of an issue this is with these cars...
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  3. NS_Stinger

    NS_Stinger Canada 1000 Posts Club!

    Take that car in immediately before you hurt yourself! You might just need the brakes bled to remove air and new fluid added.
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  4. Snatchell

    Snatchell United States Member

    These are some crazy scary stories! Knock on wood - my Stinger has not had any braking issues and I'm at almost 30K miles. I wonder if it's air in the system - or brake fluid boiling... I'm sure they use a good DOT 5 Brake Fluid...
  5. sup191

    sup191 United States New Member

    I just dropped it off at the nearest Kia dealer to have them take a look at it. They said they will need to be able to reproduce the issue in order to find a possible fix. I'm worried it won't happen for them while testing it today, but at least the first steps in resolving this issue is started. There's no worse feeling than wondering if you're going to rear end somebody every time you apply the brakes.
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  6. MerlintheMad

    MerlintheMad United States 5000 Posts Club!

    West Jordan, Y00TAW
    If that happened to me, I'd be pumping my brakes gently to test the pressure, not standing on them with a continuous push. And, into the dealer pronto. Good going, not waiting anymore. And I don't think that bleeding the line and looking for obvious brake issues requires duplicating a damned thing. A thorough inspection of the entire brakes system is a step by step process: not using "hand wavium" and waiting for something to manifest before you go to work on it.
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