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Discussion in 'Stingers Down Under' started by 5tinger, Nov 11, 2018.

  1. Stinger GT SS

    Stinger GT SS Australia 2500 Posts Club!

    Western Sydney, NSW
    All the dealers are trying to get rid of 2018 builds to make way for 2019’s due probably early/mid Feb. so good deals/bargains to be had for those looking to get into one.
  2. Coast GT

    Coast GT Australia Active Member

    Central Coast NSW
    Yeah some are already trying to offload MY19 demo models but I’d still be checking closely to make sure they’re not actually MY18. I saw a YouTube video today from John Cadogan where he said basically the bottom fell out of sales across pretty much all brands in December so he reckons now’s a good time to buy as they’re all desperate to sell and as a result willing to deal. From the tv ads it seems most around Newcastle are having sales, not just Kia. I’m assuming Kia is a nation wide thing to coincide with the Australian Open.
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  3. app_master

    app_master Australia Stinger Enthusiast Founding Member

    Brisbane, Australia
    Dec Jan is always good time to buy a new car because of the calender year change for the car's build or compliance year. Although this seems less important these days as the MY labelling being applied that has crept over from other markets. Either way it is all just marketing ... so you just have to be happy to part with your money at the time for what your getting.
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  4. Doc

    Doc Australia New Member

    Thanks for the welcome. Loving it so far. Booked in for the 10,000Km service. Taking the Stinger on the ferry to Tassie in Feb. Barely a straight road in the whole state - looking forward to some fun drives!
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  5. GBgb

    GBgb Australia Newish Member

    Secret Harbour WA
    Now that's an idea, I'd love to drive mine thru Tassie... ... such a long way from Perth tho! I'd have to tspt it there! Welcome Doc.
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