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500hp stinger street drag. really?

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger vs The World' started by BlueGT, Aug 14, 2018.

  1. TwistedOrca

    TwistedOrca United States Active Member

    Speaking of 500hp....does anyone know of the Stinger and of it's mods...just BADARSE.

  2. Kamauxx

    Kamauxx United States 2500 Posts Club!

    There's not really much to go by. Sounds like he just has an aftermarket intake. I don't really understand that video.
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  3. Origins

    Origins Canada Member

    Calgary, AB
    :p I don't blame you, the guy is from Quebec. The rest of us Canadians don't understand them either haha.
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  4. Mike04SVT

    Mike04SVT United States Member

    hehe did he really put on his flashers after the run???
  5. Frenchy_418

    Frenchy_418 Canada Newish Member

    Quebec City
    hey there, not all of us are like that. I went to the Stamped in Calgary and many english speaking local where very hard to understand too, didn't made any sense... ;)
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  6. westcoastGT

    westcoastGT 5000 Posts Club!

    Vancouver , Canada
    ................Justins new friends for the free pancake breakfast !!
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  7. JP's_Stinger

    JP's_Stinger Canada Active Member

    Hey there! Watch it, pal ;) Some of us can actually speak your language...I said "SOME" of us lol
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  8. ZyroXZ2

    ZyroXZ2 United States Active Member

    LAP3 (which some in the thread were pretending they didn't know, lol) is one of the only fully documented and dyno-tested full turbo swaps. They have a video racing an M5 and were putting down 620WHP, but dialed it back to 590WHP. I'm betting they were running into issues at max power since I don't think anyone else has come close to those numbers. No reports of anything broken, though, or at least they didn't say, haha :whistle:

    I'm still waiting on the hybrid turbos to see the price difference, but this person could have very well gotten custom hybrid turbos. That's an easy 500WHP with a little tuning. Pretty much any turbo vendor can upgrade the stock turbo. The tuning is where it gets hairy since the tuning scene for the Stinger is bare bones. We're mostly all on piggybacks.

    TL;DR - Not calling BS, quite possible it's upgraded stock turbos, but the tuning needed makes this "swap" a curious thing.
  9. Dr_jitsu

    Dr_jitsu United States Active Member

    We are now getting into the realm of fast cars. Normally, I would want 600 rwhp as a base pump gas roll on car. However, look at the dyno and the size of the powerband. The powerband on this car is massive, it is making good power at 1300 rpm's.

    My M3 with a fully built motor and T trim supercharger made 644 rwhp on pump gas, but that was only at the peak of the powerband. What this all means is that a Stinger with a legit 500 rwhp is going to be almost as fast as a car with 644 peak hp. If the Stinger had a double clutch PDK it could probably hang even though there is a large HP gap.
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  10. Dr_jitsu

    Dr_jitsu United States Active Member

    Go back and listen to the glorious sound of the blow off valves on these turbos. Badass, and definitely not stock. You can hear them at the 1.11 and 1.34 minute mark. Cool f'en sound.

    On my old Porsche GT2, the BOV's would make a loud shrieking noise (these were big GT 30 turbos).
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