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Both sides included. Also known as “side marker delete”. These body-color painted rear reflectors use OEM parts and OEM paint! They’re for off-road use only because, you know, reflectors are there for safety. In any event, they’re painted using the OEM KIA paint.

To install, (most detailed instructions below) you need to remove the inner lining (there are four 10mm bolts you need to remove after you take out the floor cover and spare tire cover) and tail light. Then there are three screws holding each side in. After you remove the standard reflectors, install the new body-color painted pieces…

If you need a color not listed, please send us a message or call/text (561) 840-5091…



THIS POST <– (click there) in our forum community is even easier than the video below…


1. Open hatch
2. Remove center hatch trim piece. Trim is removed by undoing two plastic fasteners on either side and popping out four retaining pins.
3. Unscrew the four screws that hold down trim pieces on inner fender wells.
4. Pop out four retaining pins that hold down side trim pieces.
5. Remove black trim pieces flanking the tail light assemblies.
6. Unscrew tail light and remove assembly.
6a. *Passenger side only* unscrew radio amplifier to gain access to three screws that attach reflectors to body.
7. Pop off OEM reflector.
8. Install aftermarket insert, and screw into place.
9. Reinstall tail light assembly.
10. Reinstall fender liner.
11. Reinstall center trim piece.
Total estimated install time: 90 minutes 


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