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windshield wipers auto mode needs refining/auto high beams

Discussion in 'Open Letters to Kia Motors' started by Roxanne, Dec 5, 2018.

  1. Roxanne

    Roxanne Canada New Member

    I find the Auto mode on the windshield wipers sketchy and they don't work when you want them to and work when you don't want them too. I think it needs to be a bit more sensitive to the elements outside and speed up and slow down more appropriately for the precipitation hitting the window. The intermittent switch seems sketchy too. Shouldn't be this difficult to get the wipers to work properly. And I also thought the wipers were heated. When I start my car and warm it up i have the front defrost setting on but my wipers do not melt the ice off of them. Am I doing something wrong. AND, why is it that I cant pull out my wipers from the windshield in order to clean my windshield. The wipers seem to get hung up on part of the hood of the car and it prevents me from pulling the wipers out causing the metal on the wiper arms to scratch the paint on the hood of the car. That is another glitch that needs fixing. The auto high beam thingy is nice but if you don't want it on you have to flash your oncoming traffic in order to turn it off...thats not Cool..
  2. ShannonC

    ShannonC Australia Active Member

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  3. Callum

    Callum United States Active Member

    I think I'm with you on this. My old cars worked great. Speed up, wipers speed up. Stop, wipers slow.

    I found this past week that no matter what, wipers would slow down when I speed up and turn into dueling maniacs when I was stopped. It's wild how useless the auto mode is. I could not get them to go the speed I wanted to.
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  4. Coast GT

    Coast GT Australia Active Member

    Central Coast NSW
    When you turn the car off push and hold the wiper control in the up position and they will move into the service position so you can pull them off the window. Has to be done within a certain timeframe after turning the car off or won’t work. Full credit to @Stinger GT SS for that little pearl of wisdom. I’d been doing it the way shown in the video with limited success.
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