Dave Miller

Stinger Dealer
Salem, OR
Hi everyone, hope you don't mind this quick advertisement post, but I see so many posts of the bogus other dealerships are pulling and want to tell you what you can expect when you buy at Power.

For anyone that mentions they are from the Stinger forum, we will be sending Sal a donation to help keep the forums up and running. On top of that you will receive an instant $500 discount off of MRSP.

If you're located in OR, WA, or northern CA, and don't want to leave your couch, I will personally deliver the vehicle to you and sit down and do the paperwork with you. We are also willing to explore transportation options for other states, but I can't promise it'll be my beautiful smiling face delivering to you :p

Anybody can say it, but we make it a reality. We don't play games. We do not have any dealer markup on any of our vehicles. We also do not have any mandatory dealer additions on any vehicle such as: pulse braking, pin stripes, mandatory paint protection packages, etc. The quote we give you is your price. No BS.

Hope I can be the one to work with many of you for your Stinger, or any other Kia purchase. Cheers.
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