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What octane level for each map?


Hey everyone,

since I don't have access to methanol, I'm stuck with octane boosters. I've gone with BOOSTane, it seems to be the best I can get my hands on (and I'm very happy with the result so far). Would anyone be able to suggest the minimum octane levels for each map? It would be nice to have it all in one place too, I'm sure I'm not the only one asking (and I've searched prior, didn't really find any good answer).

What I know so far:

Map 1: 91 octane minimum
Map 2: 93 octane minimum
Map 3: I'm using this 98.5 octane (min 6oz BOOSTane/tank) for this and it works fine, but I've seen people use only 95 & get away with it.
Map 4: ??? -- would 100 work ? (min 14oz BOOSTane/tank)
Map 5: ???
Map 8: 87 lol

My goal would be to daily map3 (which I can already) and go to map 4 when I feel like it.
If it doesn't work, then my next move would be to play with map 6 and use values between and map 3 and map 4 (i.e. 7 with a taper of 5) .. but I've never seen anything about anyone playing with map 6, so I'll research that further.

Thanks in advance!