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Viable LED low/high beam option for base model halogen headlights

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger Lighting - Inside and Out' started by hummus, Aug 23, 2018.

  1. hummus

    hummus United States Member

    Hello all,

    For those interested in a viable LED bulb option for the base model halogen headlights, I was able to find these on amazon: SEALIGHT S1 Series 9005/HB3. (sorry about the lack of a link, I am too green to do so at this time)

    I stress that only consider this viable because it fits in the housing, though I can't speak to reliability--at least not yet. They actually fit very easily, requiring less clearance than the generic HID bulbs they are replacing in my rig.

    In my case, I did not receive a bulb-out error message on the display. In fact, I tried two different models of anti-flicker/error cancel modules; with either of them in place, the bulb would not ignite regardless of polarity settings. So, I'm running them straight off the factory wiring with no issues thus far. Granted, I installed them only a day before posting this.

    I did run into a slight problem indexing the bulbs in the housing. The recommended orientation appears to place the LEDs facing horizontally, with the center axis vertical. The best seating position I could find was 45 degrees off from this, but I plan to try repositioning them in the near future. Even still, I much prefer the output to the factory halogens or the generic HIDs I ran for a week. The color is very close to the factory DRLs, in case that is important.

    I'll report back with more observations after running them for a while. I'm interested to see how they do in the confined space, as I did put the dust caps back in place, and the bulbs don't seem to have a fan.

    It goes without saying that I'm just sharing my own experience thus far, and YMMV if you choose to try out something similar.

    Enjoy and stay safe,
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  2. hummus

    hummus United States Member

    No error messages so far, going on day 4. I haven't done any night driving but the lights come on plenty during my commute with cloud cover, overpasses, etc. I haven't re-indexed the bulbs yet either. More to come as I continue to test these.
  3. hummus

    hummus United States Member

    Another update. I was able to index the passenger side bulb by trimming the locking tabs. It turns out that the factory 9005 bulb has a small tab at 12:00 and larger tabs at 4 and 8 o'clock, while these LED bulbs the small tab is at 4 or 8 o'clock. I was able to seat them originally, but they were not oriented correctly. With some careful trimming, I was able to get the bulb to mount upright, aiming the LED modules horizontally install of at an angle.

    Very nice improvement, even just having one side done. The pattern changed from a hotspot on the ground originally, and is now a nice fan of light on the ground with a sharp, horizontal cutoff at distance. This makes sense, considering the original installation had one LED module pointing at the ground at an angle, while the other was aiming up into the cutoff shutter.

    I will do the other side and hopefully be cleared to post pictures soon.
  4. hummus

    hummus United States Member

    Got everything buttoned up, results shown below on the car and on the road. I'm pleased. I have about 4-5 hours of on-time so far, and no observed problems: still no error messages, and no failures to light up.

    One last thing I discovered is that I could use my phone and the stock bulb as a makeshift template for trimming the new bulb by:
    1. taking a picture of the stock bulb from directly in front of it
    2. zooming the picture to make it life-size
    3. holding the new bulb in front of the picture to compare the tabs to the stock bulb

    This made it easier to trim the tabs on the second bulb.

    That's all I have for now, unless I get some new inspiration or problem in the future. Let me know if any questions.

    Thanks all

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  5. Waynerm002

    Waynerm002 United States 1000 Posts Club!

    DC Metro Area
    Looks good. Other forum members should find this useful.
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