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[VENDOR][FS]: Kia Stinger Fella Big Brake Kit - K8 Stinger Store

Daniel @ K8 Stinger Store

Authorized Vendor

Is excited to present to the Stinger forums:

The Kia Stinger Fella Big Brake Kit


With 20+ years of experience in aftermarket automotive manufacturing, Fella was created to focus on high quality brake component development
With so many issues from the stock Stinger brake system, this big brake kit will drastically change your driving experience & stopping power

Fellas Big Brake Kits include a monoblock lightweight 6-piston caliper that is offered in 4 color options: RED, BLUE, BLACK, and YELLOW
This Fella Big Brake Kit kit provides shorter stopping distances, better brake modulation, firmer brake pedal feel, & less brake fade when compared to the factory Brembo Kit

This kit includes premium Fella Floating Rotors for excellent heat dissipation
HEL high-quality reinforced brake hoses are included to avoid vapor locking & corrosion

Fella Rotors are 2-piece floating rotors that are designed to reduce heat while also reducing weight
Included with the kit are Fellas high performance signature sport ceramic brake pads that are a perfect match for the Stinger
Fella brake rotors have an extensive manufacturing process; heat-treated up to 800°C (1472°F), to ensure the rotors can keep up with spirited driving

Brake Pads (4)
Rear Calipers (2)
Front Calipers (2)
Floating Rotors (4)
HEL Brake Hoses

All hardware included
Material: AL6061 Cast
Pistons: 6 total: (2x40mm, 2x36mm, 2x36mm)
1 year warranty through the manufacturer

Vehicle Applications:

2018-2022 Kia Stinger (All Models)
2017-2020 G70 (All models)
*This kit is designed to replace the factory braking system on your Kia Stinger or G70 and is a 1:1 replacement, compatible with all of the different trim levels for the models shown above



K8 Stinger Store

Authorized Vendor
Is it possible to get it without the brake lines?
Unfortunately, the kit is sold complete with all of the components shown on the product page of our site where the product is sold.

However, you can always keep an extra set if you don't need them, or sell them privately. The price for the complete kit is pretty competitive compared to other BBKs out there.