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Paul @ K8 Stinger Store

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Is excited to present to the Stinger forums:

The Kia Stinger ATQ Subframe Chassis Collar Kit


These small aluminum rings make a night & day difference in the way your Kia Stinger feels when doing day to day driving.
Used to correct the chassis's basic geometry by filling the gap between the subframe bolts, subframe, and the cars chassis bolt holes.
The vehicles engine, transmission, suspension, and the uni-body are mounted on the subframe and when installed, these work by correcting the geometry setup.
By eliminating the gap, vibration through the chassis is greatly reduced improving driver feedback & handling, as well as helping to prevent frequent alignments.
These will help to protect & prolong the vehicles undercarriage parts lifespan, while also alleviating rear end wheel skip & shimmy over rough terrain.

Kit Contents:
(10) Aluminum subframe chassis collars
(4) Custom machined OEM grade-10 subframe bolts

Installation Instructions:
Install Guide (FOUND HERE)
Install Video (FOUND HERE)

Vehicle Applications:

2018-2019+ Kia Stinger (3.3T Models)


Daniel @ K8 Stinger Store

Authorized Vendor
Are you ready to take your suspension game to the next level?
Grab these ATQ Chassis Collars and ramp up your Stingers performance today
These Subframe Chassis Collars reduce body roll and help stabilize your Stinger in every driving scenario.
Stop fighting through the apex & grab a set of these now so you can start improving your lap times & advancing your skills.
For those of you just looking to reduce vibration and chassis movement, these also are a great tool to make those improvements.​

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