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UVO link: Remote Lock, Remote Start & Climate Control

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger Talk' started by moinmoin, Nov 18, 2019.

  1. moinmoin

    moinmoin Stinger Enthusiast

    Ontario, Canada

    Have you ever been shopping in the mall and thought to yourself, “Did I lock the car?” Kia solves that problem with the Kia Access with UVO link app on your smartphone. Features like Remote Lock and Unlock, Remote Start and Remote Climate lets you control your Kia from a distance.

    When using the Kia Access with UVO link app on your smartphone, you should press the “Refresh” icon to make sure the information is up to date. We’ve all locked our keys in our car, right?

    That can be an expensive mistake… but not if you own a Kia.

    From your smartphone, open Kia Access with UVO link app and press the unlock icon under Door Locks and your Kia will unlock.

    You can also do this in the “Remote” features under the “Security” tab. The reverse is also true – you can also lock your Kia remotely.

    As we said in the opening, it’s a real convenience if you’re shopping and don’t remember if you locked your car.

    Just open the app and press the lock icon under “Door Locks”. It’s that simple. The Kia Access with UVO link app also allows you to remotely start your Kia. To use Remote Start, the key must be outside of the vehicle and the doors must be closed and locked.

    You can start your Kia by pressing the start icon under “Remote Start”. To operate the Remote Climate Control feature, select “Remote” from the menu. Then, go to “Climate”

    Here, you can select the preferred temperature…
    you can turn on the Front and Rear Defrost, Heated Mirrors and Heated Steering Wheel by pressing the buttons, which turn green.

    Then, press “Start”, then “OK”.

    Your Kia will start, and the temperature will adjust so it’s ready to go when you are. That way you can cool down in the summer… and take the chill off in the winter.

    You can also press “Stop” to turn off the heating and air conditioning system. That’s a real convenience all-year round. The goal at Kia is to make your life easier by enabling you to remotely lock or unlock your Kia, start your car and by giving you access to your climate controls via your smartphone

    For additional information on Remote Lock and Unlock, Remote Climate Control and Remote Start, please refer to the Car Multimedia System User’s Manual or the Kia Features & Functions Videos
  2. T1tr

    T1tr Canada Newish Member

    The only down fall is that it does not turn on the heated/cooling seats:mad:
  3. Crisis

    Crisis Canada Active Member

    Saskatoon, SK
    First world problem, but my biggest complaint about the car as well. Especially since I've read that there are other Kia models which do turn on the heated seats with the UVO app.
  4. Menissalt

    Menissalt United States Active Member

    North Texas
    Would love if the US models came with this.. For some reason they took it out and charge us more for the car.
  5. G-359348

    G-359348 Guest

    I think I saw Rio's have that feature i thought the stinger was one of their top tier vehicles
  6. Menissalt

    Menissalt United States Active Member

    North Texas
    Other Kias do come with it, the Stinger is supposed to be their halo car but this is how manufacturers treat the US market. The US spec 2018 GT2 didn't have 360 camera or the heated rear seats either.
  7. Kimberly Lazarski

    Kimberly Lazarski United States Member

    If you want to see UVO link in the US Stinger model, harass, er, I mean hound Kia via social media.
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