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Good Tuscani Customs - Two thumbs up

Discussion in 'Vendor Reviews' started by BluKDM, Oct 26, 2018.

  1. BluKDM

    BluKDM United States New Member

    While, I did mention a great experience with TuscaniCustoms in another post, it has been completely buried in garbage and is low visibility. I dealt with Simon. This dude is a genuine good guy. He's a straight shooter and won't BS you. He took care of me on an order that by far and large he wasn't obligated to. I had acquired a product second hand and he handled the replacement for me at his cost (my shipping cost). He went the extra mile to have good customer service. Even though the distance between us can often mean a little more money out of my pocket for shipping, I'm not even going to think twice for my future needs of where to buy from. While there might be some other very questionable vendors out there that people are a bit hesitant of ordering from, with TC you can order with confidence.
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  2. TuscaniCustoms

    TuscaniCustoms Slovenia Active Member Authorized Vendor

    Pivka, Slovenia
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