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Tork Motorsports - Why I've Made my Decision (John Bushbaum)

Discussion in 'Vendor Reviews' started by DaBears4Lyfe, Dec 7, 2018.

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  1. TorkMe

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  2. DaBears4Lyfe

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    See you later John. Good luck in the market. But until you can swallow your pride and accept that you miss informed and gave bad dates over and over you wont grow as a business owner. Your response could have been "This is correct due to other projects we couldnt meet dates provided we are working on being more clear with future consumers and customer and strive to get better." Ive wrote responses for you to give the community before i guess I could have wrote this for you. Dont try and make people out to be liars like i said i did my part. I wrote this up for your SEO so now when you google John Bushbaum this comes up first and not all the negative. I offered to send you $2500 as a deposit so you can start the work on a big turbo upgrade and I stood by your side while you show off your poor service skills. I would have preferred to end this just with the update of me not being able to work with you and part ways, but instead it had to turn into a pointing game.

    Take care.
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