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This car is turning me into a @!#@$% kind of a person!!!

Discussion in 'Community Lounge' started by bugaboo90, Feb 10, 2018.

  1. Irish

    Irish United States Member

    My wife was just complaining about this to me this weekend. She was telling me she is GOING to get a ticket sometime quick and there is nothing we can do about it it. She just looks down and she is doing 100mph and didn't even realize it.. The car is just so smooth sometimes it just doesn't even feel like your speeding..
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  2. Luminary

    Luminary United States Member Sustaining Member +

    Yup, same here. Well, I DID get a speeding ticket on the second day I had the car.
    I went to pass a car that was going slow in a legal passing zone. Other lane was clear and I signaled, moved over and hit the gas to pass. The car took off so fast, much faster then I expected and I was clocked doing 51 in a 30 MP Zone. :(
    Luckily the cop did note cite me for Reckless, although he could have.

    First speeding ticket in my life.
    Expensive lesson learned.
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  3. How expensive?
  4. mldavis2

    mldavis2 United States Active Member

    The cruise control is your friend.
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  5. Luminary

    Luminary United States Member Sustaining Member +

    This was in Virginia, Prince William County. $200 (it was $199 and some change - cannot recall exactly how much off hand).
  6. mldavis2

    mldavis2 United States Active Member

    Yeah, I hate driving "back east." You drive 65 in a 55 zone and get your doors blown off by everyone on the road running 85-90. No joke. Never see a cop or patrolman -- heck they couldn't get out into that traffic stream if they wanted to. People follow way too close (probably drive the adaptive cruise control absolutely nuts) cut in front, weave in and out. Give me my deserted Ozark country mountain roads any day....
  7. Luminary

    Luminary United States Member Sustaining Member +

    Yup, you described it pretty accurately.
  8. ScottE

    ScottE Member

    It's the same here in California, plus tons of Prius and Leaf drivers that go 5-10 under the limit in the fast lane.
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  9. eljay

    eljay United States Active Member

    Plus here we get the nightly car chases, generally right on cue for the 11 p.m. news. My house has been shaken by police and news choppers following chases the past two nights.
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