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Snow White Pearl Discussion

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger Color Discussion' started by Kia Stinger, Nov 23, 2017.

  1. Kia Stinger

    Kia Stinger United States Administrator Staff Member

    Own a Snow White Kia Stinger? Show us! Just love the color and want to share your pictures? Go right ahead! Feel free to use our gallery area to host your photos. :) The gallery is located here:
  2. SMaRTy

    SMaRTy Kuwait Newish Member

    i think that this color is the best for the Stinger ..

    the other colors looks amazing in the photos

    but on the roads the pearl white really give the Stinger a special look taking in mind the dark chrome side mirrors and the black panorama sun roof.
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  3. Kia Stinger

    Kia Stinger United States Administrator Staff Member

    That's the thing about pearl white, or as Cadillac calls it - Diamond White. It looks great in person - but not so easily in photos...
  4. Irish

    Irish United States Member

    So I figured I would update this thread with some pics since it hasn't been touched in over a month.. Got my Snow White Stinger on January 28th. In all honestly I did not want White, and my wife and I argued about it quite a bit. I didn't want to be like the other 4 billion white cars on the road. But in the end it is her car and that is what she wanted so I relented. Then of course the search began. Who would have thought a white car would be difficult if not impossible to fine. I swear we are in backwards world or something. Anyhoo finally found the car and was able to purchase it. WOW does it look good. The pearl is very pleasing. As KiaStinger said, the white doesn't look all that great in pics, but in person it's a looker.

    So without further ado. Here are a couple pics when we picked it up, they are not great. Just quickly taken with the iPhone. The weather was crappy, as it is today also. I'll get some better pics up in a couple days. Going to try and get the windows tinted this week.

    546 547 548
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  5. westcoastGT

    westcoastGT Canada 1000 Posts Club!

    Looks awesome ..............I may be biased though :thumbup::thumbup:
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  6. Wedge

    Wedge United States Member

    Looks awesome. I can’t decide between white and Ceramic silver myself, or the red or black interior.

    I won’t be buying till summer though so I have time
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  7. I agree that Snow White Pearl looks great in person. It's just as pretty at night as during the daytime.

    Hey Irish, I think I was in line behind you and your wife at the dealer parts counter yesterday!

    Good thing you 'relented' so that your wife's car is the color she prefers...;)
    Last edited: Jan 29, 2018
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  8. Terra

    Terra Australia Active Member

    I see we now have started threads for the different colours.

    Don't think we should as we might miss something important .

    I like all the colours and now im going to have to look in every colour thread.

    Just my 2 cents worth......

    By the way, mine is Snow White Pearl....... The best colour of course.......
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  9. voon

    voon Switzerland Active Member

    I may or may not be biased when I say this is awesome :p
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  10. Kia Stinger

    Kia Stinger United States Administrator Staff Member

    It's really just supposed to be for pictures - but if people want to talk about the actual color - no problem. We're not going to be talking about other stuff here so you shouldn't be missing out on much by not visiting these "color" discussions...

    In other words... It's not "Discuss your Kia Stinger that just so happens to be white.". It's not "Why is my white Stinger's check engine light coming on"? It's "Look at my white Stinger!" - and that's it...

    It would be ridiculous for us to have to check every different color Stinger thread for issues. :p
  11. Irish

    Irish United States Member

    New pics

    606 607 609 610 611
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  12. Kia Stinger

    Kia Stinger United States Administrator Staff Member

    Great pictures! Thank you for adding them! :)
  13. Merkur720

    Merkur720 United States Active Member

    Love the Snow White Pearl look! :thumbup:
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  14. Stinger 2.0 Premium.jpg Sun is making a cameo appearance here in Seattle, so took a pic this afternoon.

    How do you like the smoked chrome brake vent covers on the 2.0 Premium?
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  15. Speedooooo

    Speedooooo United States Newish Member

    That paint looks amazing! Nice ride!
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  16. DaJackson

    DaJackson United States Active Member

    439CDA29-9070-4575-9A35-090358B17849.jpeg 03A29B54-83A9-4424-A93E-6C5551889505.jpeg

    15% Ceramic Tint
    Blacked out Stinger badge
    Smoked turnsignal/reverse section of taillights.
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  17. kevin simard

    kevin simard Canada Member

    Thanks DaJackson! that's the same car I have coming and the I have a blacked out Stinger badge to put on too!! love the black on White look! Nice ride!!
    Did you go 15% all the way around?

    Still have a couple weeks wait for mine!
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  18. DaJackson

    DaJackson United States Active Member

    All around, just the front strip though not the whole windshield. And 70% on the sunroof.
  19. Irish

    Irish United States Member

    Great Pics.. Thanks

    Those that require front license plates, what solution did you choose? Stock mount, aftermarket or just forego it and take your chances?
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  20. Outstanding pics!

    In the first pic the car looks like a crouching tiger that's ready to launch!
    Last edited: Feb 14, 2018
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