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Quantum Logic Issues

Discussion in 'Stingers Down Under' started by TTSoarer86, Jul 11, 2019.

  1. TTSoarer86

    TTSoarer86 Australia New Member

    Hi Just wondering if anyone else has had issues with their infotainment units.
    My Stinger is just 1 week old but in this time I have experienced this same issue twice.
    Basically upon starting the car there is absolutely no audio coming from the speakers. I have tried the volume knob, changing inputs and radio stations as well as powering off both the unit and car.
    The issue usually has corrected itself by next time I use the car.

    Upon searching the forums here I have found that it is likely related to having the Quantum Logic audio setting enabled. I found the audio sounded better with it on but may look to disable it to see if it rectifies my issues.

    Just wondering if anyone else has experienced this and if it is a common issue with the Stinger or if I have a fault with my particular unit. I will be calling my dealership tomorrow to see if they can shed any light on this but thought that I would ask here also.

  2. Manaz

    Manaz Australia Stinger Enthusiast Staff Member Moderator

    Seems common to need to disable it from what I have read.
  3. AdamNZ

    AdamNZ New Zealand Newish Member

    I have it disabled permanently now.
  4. MrSmoofy

    MrSmoofy United States Stinger Enthusiast Sustaining Member +

    Odessa, FL
  5. TTSoarer86

    TTSoarer86 Australia New Member

    Thanks all, sorry for creating a new thread for an old issue. Happened to me again today so it is now disabled. Should be the end of the issues from what I read.
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  6. Piker

    Piker Australia Newish Member

    Hopefully Kia have read this thread and are devising a software fix. Too many owners have the issue (me included).
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