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Polish Angel - Paint and Leather Protection Experience.

Discussion in 'Kia Stinger Detailing Discussion' started by Ajax, May 10, 2018.

  1. Ajax

    Ajax Australia Newish Member

    Hi guys,

    I got my Stinger GT - Sunset Yellow about a month ago. I did the paint and leather protection using Polish Angel products. Just wanted to share my experience and the products that I used, in case it is of help to anyone. It's really not that hard to DIY paint and leather protection. :)

    - Firstly, I did all my paint and leather protection in my garage, at home, by hand. Though I would love to invest in a dual action orbiter. It can more than 16 hours in total to get everything done.

    - Secondly, I have only used Polish Angel Products on my Stinger. I did my bit of research :geek: and recommendation was that paint protection usually works best if all products are a part of the same system. (I am guessing system is the word that most pro detailers like to use :laugh:).

    - Polish Angel is a bit on the pricer side. Boutique brand, some people call it. But little goes a long way with these products. By doing everything at home however, I did save a fair bit of money. Also, their products are very easy to apply, by hand or by machine.

    - I would not say all their products are the best, some better products do exist. Plus, detailing your car also has to do with technique and experience. Something which I would say, I do not have a whole lot of. Just a hobbyist here.

    Finally, living in Oz, I got all my products from waxit.com.au. (Not promoting anyone here, just being thorough with my information)

    Now coming to what I have done. This is was the next day after I got my car from the dealership.


    1. Cleaned my car with plain water and wiped it down. As recommended by many detailers, only use a microfiber cloth/towel for cleaning the paint surface, even if cleaning with soap.

    2. Step 2 was to clay the car. Used an ultra fine clay, as the paint was new and had little to no contamination. I always break down 100 grms bar into two, do half and half. If you drop your clay, throw it away. For clay lubricant, used Polish Angel Baby, just enough to ensure clay can slide across the paint. Wiped down any excess solution with a microfiber cloth.

    3. Once clayed, I used Polish Angel Escalate. This is a very light abrasive. My main reason to use this was to remove any minor paint impurities, since I wasn't sure if the car was brought up from Melbourne covered or in an open truck. Once this was done, I hosed the car down with plain water and wiped it down.

    4. Next step was the actual paint protection. Firstly, Polish Angel Invincible Primer. Nothing much to say here. Just apply as directed. Now, that I look back, I might had be ok with skipping the Escalate for a new car, as the primer also acts as an ultra fine abrasive.

    5. Actual paint protection is the Glasscoat Cosmic V2. Apparently, this is a meant to last 18 to 24 months with proper care. Apply as directed. I only applied one coat, however, two coats is recommended.

    One recommendation I can make is, if any of your products (wax, sealant etc) are thick enough, put small dots around your pad and just dab it lightly at multiple places across your panel. This just spreads the product evenly. (not my idea)

    6. Finally after sometime, I applied Cosmic Spritz. This is meant to help cure the glasscoat faster. Time required for curing is reduced from 24 to 12 hours. Also adds a bit of shine.

    Next morning I applied Polish Angel Rapidwaxx. This is a liquid wax sprayed directly on the panel and wiped off.

    Paint Protection done!

    Thing to note: I only applied one coat of the Cosmic Glasscoat. I think two would be good. I would say this simply because of the way it feels. I expected the paint to feel a bit more 'glassier' when touched. Somewhat like, how the wheels of the Stinger feel. May be its just me. However, it looked great! :thumbup:

    I also have a lot a product left over. I have bought small size bottles for most, but I think I can do another car with ease. Plus, I am expecting the products to last almost 2-3 years.


    I used Polish Angel Super Sport PTFE. Spray and wipe, easy as. I really recommend using some form of product on the wheels. Makes it a whole lot easier to clean when dirty.

    Nothing on the tyres yet. However, if tyres start to look dirty, any kind of tyre spray will do.

    Car Wash and Wax: As mentioned before, I used Polish Angel Rapidwaxx, liquid wax, which is very easy to use. Nothing special to report here. If you guys have a better experience with other waxes, feel free to let me know. Next on my list is Mequiar's Ultimate Liquid Wax G18216. Heard some pretty good reviews about this one.

    For washing, I have used Polish Angel Glissante. Note, that this shampoo generates almost no foam. Add 1 and half caps to 3/4th filled hot water bucket. However, I have had no issues removing insect remains and other contaminants. This one seems to do the job. I bought this one, because this one also contains carnuba wax for that extra finish. Hopefully, dont have to wax my car often.

    Chrome: For all chrome surfaces I used Polish Angel Palladium. Used very little, applied with my finger using a thin microfiber. This was overall pretty good product, and almost immediately removed, any water markings which I had on the front grill.

    Leather and Interior: For leather conditioner, I used Polish Angel Charisma on all interior leather including the seats. This needs to be applied once every 6 months. Though, I might use it once every 3 on the driver's seat.

    Again, same principle, put a few drops all over the leather applicator pad and apply in circular motion/rubbing motion, kinda like applying deep heat on your body. I did see a few questions asked around, application on the perforations for seat cooling/heating. I touched this part last, once I was finished applying the product on the entire seat. This way applicator pad still had enough conditioner on it, enough to apply and not enter the perforations. After a couple of hours, wipe down any excess with microfiber cloth.

    For regular cleaning of the leather, I have bought Polish Angel Bellaclean. The internets had some mad reviews and why not. Again simple application, apply, massage and wipe down extra.

    So that's it guys, long post, apologies. :laugh:
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  2. Euljiro1ga

    Euljiro1ga Active Member

    Seoul, South Korea
    Thanks for the informative post. You sure did invest a lot in the products you used. Polish angel stuff are sure expensive, but they are good.

    Hope you keep sharing your experience with these products. Would love to hear your updates on the durability, etc.

  3. Ajax

    Ajax Australia Newish Member

    Hey mate, cheers! Polish Angel surely is dear-er compared to many other brands, however, cost me around $650 AUD for the whole range, I purchased.

    So far so good with the quality. Nothing much to report at this point. Except, I am starting to love the Rapid Waxx. Very easy to apply, entire car done in 10 - 15 min. Good protection as well. Makes cleaning dust and bugs so much easier. I don't think I will move to paste wax ever. The amount of time and effort saved, just makes the whole car cleaning experience so much easier and better.
  4. scharn

    scharn United States Active Member

    Seen reviews for Cosmic Spritz and that stuff seems legit. Can be a very good topper for previous applied ceramic coats, giving it a nice sacrificial layer on top of providing more slickness. Keep going back and forth on which topper I want to get.
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