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Good Philip Factory (M&S G Type) Spoiler

Discussion in 'Vendor Reviews' started by niko, Jun 1, 2018.

What spoiler type do you guys like more?

  1. S type

  2. G type

  1. niko

    niko United States Active Member

    chino hills,ca
    I wasn’t sure about getting this one or the S type spoiler, it was a though decision!

    So I order it a few days ago and I thought it wasn’t going to come until late mid June. I was actually surprised how fast It came. After work I went home like I usually do lol and there it was. View attachment 8107 View attachment 8108

    So before I installed it I had to wash the car make sure it looked good when I installed it. After it was dry I decided to install it. It was already night time but I had enough light in the garage to do it. I open the box box there it was.
    View attachment 8109 View attachment 8110

    Took it out of the box inspected it. Was surprised how light it was. Came in matte black which I don’t mind, I’ve seen some m&s spoilers u can buy to match the paint but I didn’t go that route I was happy with the matte black. It came with double side tape a roll of it. I had to mount it myself took less than 10 min to do I wanted to make sure everything was lined up good. It came with enough tape to mount it.
    View attachment 8111 View attachment 8112 View attachment 8113 View attachment 8114
    Before I peeled the tape off I mounted it on the car to see the fitment.
    View attachment 8119 View attachment 8120

    Ok no more messing around. So I went back to the stinger! It was perfect after a few try’s of centering it and marking it with regular tape to have even gap on both end sides.. It’s hard to center by urself I recommended having two people one on each side. I was impatience so I just marked it and went ahead and gave it a shot by myself. I peeled the tape, mounted it. It took me two try’s of getting where I wanted it. When doing so I started left side I match my mark and I pressed down with my left hand slightly while my right hand was holding the spoiler in the middle. As soon as the marks lined up I lined it up in the center then the right. Pressed firmly all around the spoiler so the tape will set in and stick properly. Came out good. Love my new spoiler! Thanks philip for it and the fast shipping!!
    View attachment 8118 View attachment 8115 View attachment 8116 View attachment 8117
    View attachment 8121
    Hope you guys like my review and my snapshots. I will try make one for every new mod I add to the car. Enjoy and have a good day. #stungbystinger #stingergang #m&s
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  2. philip

    philip Korea, Republic of Newish Member Authorized Vendor

  3. westcoastGT

    westcoastGT 2500 Posts Club!

    Vancouver , Canada
    pretty sure that the matte black is primer , you may want to give it a coat of clear coat to protect it , I just got my G style spoiler painted car color ) and mounted yesterday ............dont get wax on that thing for sure if you keep it uncoated
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