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Perth Night Cruise Sat March 7th

Discussion in 'Stingers Down Under' started by Ozstung, Feb 13, 2020 at 6:42 AM.

  1. Ozstung

    Ozstung Australia 2500 Posts Club! Sustaining Member

    Western Sydney.
    I found this just posted on face book for all you sandgropers:

    A Perth night cruise, which will be held on Saturday the 7th of March, has been organised. Meeting at E Shed Markets on Peter Hughes Drive in Fremantle at 6.00pm.

    We will then drive to the Boat Shed Cafe in South Perth travelling via Curtin Avenue to Cottelsoe and then along Stirling Highway, Mounts Bay Road and across the Narrows Bridge on the Kwinana Freeway onto Mill Point Road, South Perth.

    Will send a reminder closer to the day. Hope to see as many Stingers as possible. Good way to meet up with like minded car enthusiasts and share experiences of their Stinger ownership.

    This is not a long drive and is only a commitment of a couple of hours, but if interest appears high, maybe some longer cruises could be arranged in the future. This event has also been posted on the Stinger forum.

  2. Obsidius

    Obsidius Australia Member

    Sounds good Ozstung! I'm in. I know Av8r would be up for a drive too. Luckily I will be in Perth then, fly out the following weekend most likely
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  3. Nasscar

    Nasscar Australia 1000 Posts Club!

    Hey Obsidius. Ozstung hijacked my post. I have sent you a PM about it. Had a few replies on facebook about it too.
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  4. Obsidius

    Obsidius Australia Member

    Hey Nasscar, got your PM,

    Hopefully a few people come. I'm not on Facebook so just take my confirmation from here for my attendance haha
  5. Nasscar

    Nasscar Australia 1000 Posts Club!

    Excellent. See you there. Had 1 coming and 2 maybe on FB. AV8R is also coming.
  6. Pumbaa

    Pumbaa Australia Member Sustaining Member

    Perth, Australia
    Apparently there will be a Cars and Kebabs this Saturday night at 6pm hosted by Shannon's in the carpark outside their offices in Beckenham... a few of us will be there including "him whose name we cannot mention"....
    Kebabs & Cars 2020 (WA)
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