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OEM Kia Stinger E Badge Hood Emblem


Engineered by Excellence. Exclusive. Exquisite. Evolutionary… The Kia Stinger doesn’t get any KIA badges in it’s domestic market – so why should yours? Upgrade your style with an OEM Kia Stinger “E” Badge – they way it was intended to be! Same day priority shipping makes our E badge a no brainer for anyone who wants what they buy right away… INTERESTED? CLICK HERE!

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Palm Beach, FL
Just for further reference can you get the version with the posts with the third post removed before shipping? I had my original one shipped without posts and the stupid installer f&*%ed up centering it and had to redo it.
Sorry for the delay in response. I didn't get notified... Yes, I get the emblems with all the posts removed and now only the bottom post removed. I've added this option to the listing...