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Need help with reviewing quote - GT2 in 91007

Discussion in 'How to Buy a Kia Stinger' started by jlhowes, Sep 15, 2018.

  1. jlhowes

    jlhowes United States New Member

    Hi, I would love some help reviewing this quote - this is the first one that I have received that is this detailed and generated from an actual dealer system instead of just emails from sales reps (which always leave something out), which I really appreciate. If anyone can take a look and let me know what the gef is in particular, that would be great. Not sure if that is some kind of dealer notation or something I need to be concerned about. Thanks for your help! I've loved reading the forum posts. Very helpful.

    MSRP: 52480
    Residual: 49% / 25715
    Initial Cap: 47500
    Acq Fee: 650
    Lease Cash: 7700
    Adjusted Cap: 40475
    MF: .00203 (I have 821 credit, this seems high)
    Term: 36/10k
    Base monthly: 544.38
    Monthly tax @ 9.5: 51.72
    Monthly pmt: 596.10
    License fee: 574
    CapTax Rt/amt: 729.08
    CA tire fee: 8.75
    Doc fee: 80
    Doc fee tax: 7.60
    Working cash: 9699
    Drive off: 9699
    Customer Cash Down: 1999
    gef: -2643 (not sure what this is?)
  2. Waynerm002

    Waynerm002 United States 1000 Posts Club!

    DC Metro Area
    KIA's MF is on the high side, that is the best they are offering on the lease cash. Here: Leasehackr Calculator use this to help you look into things. Not sure where you are located but this should help you in getting your answers.
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