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I was sold a warranty package extension 60k - 100k 5 year (without being told anywhere in the paperwork) that the "extreme conditions" must be met from the maintenance pages in service the manual. Due to "stop & go traffic". I felt absolutely cheated out of my warranty since this requires cabin filters to be changed every 15k miles (you void your warranty by installing any of this yourself). I switched out the stock cold air filters with rechargeable K&N filters (VS paying them to replace them every 30k miles) and found out because I unbolted the bars over the air boxes I have voided my warranty. This also requires spark plugs every 45k miles etc. The amount of maintenance you would have to have done at the dealership to support that you could buy a new K5 after 5 years cash. Total scam.

They constantly try to upsell me on replacement filters (claim they do the full point inspection), then act dumb when I told them they were just changed.

I paid $390 for a direct injection (carbon cleaning) kit the service manager swears makes the cars run forever (suggests running this every 30K miles to avoid build up). I saw no change in gas mileage from this service & found it nowhere in the owners manual.

I had a broken TPMS sensor repaired at this dealership, to have it break again. Took it to another shop (discount tire in Lombard, IL), they found the OEM TPMS sensor inside the tire banging around the WHOLE TIME. They never fished out the old one and just slapped a new one in.

I also had a TYPE-C car charger go missing out of my Stinger, the service manager said he would replace it if I brought in a receipt for it. They will never touch my car again after the warranty oil changes.

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The cabin filter voided it? It’s literally 3 minute job most 10 year olds can do. This is ridiculous IMO. I take mine to Schaumburg Kia and they have been pretty good to me. Oil change, rotation and throttle body service is all I use them for, other filters I’ve replaced and saved the receipt.
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I've heard Naperville, Schaumburg, and Elgin Kia aren't warranty-friendly, to name a few. I've read in here that Arlington Heights Kia is warranty/mod friendly though. Might want to try your luck there next time.


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Scammers. They have no intention of honoring their warranty.
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<Shrug> My recent and only kia service dealing was with gary lang kia in mchenry (now known as castle kia mchenry). That's where the car came from. Car is 100% stock though.

The work was alright. Service guy could have been more communicative. I followed up myself to make sure confirm if part arrived and scheduled repair. Day I showed up service writer was surprised to see me. Lazy. I passed on their survey.


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^^I had several warranty repairs done on the G37 over the years. The service was far superior to kia. Dealership was Fields Infiniti in glencoe il. Sadly they sold the infiniti side and are now selling mini's.

Numerically, both cars cost about the same ~$40K. One bought in late 2011, other Q3 2021.