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My Stinger Issue: Questions ? / Solved


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Hello forum members / Stinger Owners,

Ok, thought I would start a thread that can cover Stinger owners Questions ? on issues you may be experiencing, or just curious about, and learn from others who have had issues and solved them like myself, also thought it might be convenient to have all Questions ? and Issues Solved in one thread for ease of access.

Yesterday I arrived home from a drive out with my Stinger, here I am reversing into my garage and my exterior rearview side mirrors are not tilting downwards as they once were, I didn't look for a thread already covering this issue, I wanted to find it for myself in my Australian Stinger Owner's Manual, and I did, under " Features of your vehicle " Section 4, Pages 57 & 58 ( Maybe different Pages for owners in other countries ).

I have today found a thread titled " Side View Mirror Tilt ", and the issue was answered and solved.

Finally, if anyone thinks this thread is not gonna be easy too reference, especially as it gets longer, or if this thread is just not a good idea, maybe some of you would prefer to open a new thread related to your own issue, or even add to an existing thread, feel welcome to express your opinion, it's fine, maybe such a thread already exists, and i couldn't find it, let us know.:)



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I think it's a great idea. I finally posted my question in the technology thread, but I have no idea if the people with answers will be reading that routinely and when I searched the subject found hits all over the place, but not quite specific to my issue.


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Following! I just noticed today for the first time in a while that the mirror actually tilted!! I was ignoring it the whole time, but was paying attention to another issue I was having with the side mirrors, which I will post in a separate thread. It has been very random!!
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What is the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow?


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My front strut/radiator braces had what appeared to be water stains on them from new.

F7F92B50-F1B6-4781-B374-E8D02B38E1D4_1_201_a.jpeg 9F65232E-E5E0-4807-9245-CC4B9A0D901F_1_201_a.jpeg

My dealer tried to get them replaced under warranty but Kia Canada said no dice. So my dealer offered to paint them for me for free. All I had to do was take them off and drop them at the dealer and in a few days I would get them back any color I wanted. I was pretty happy about that but then my question was "is it ok to drive the car around without these bolted on?"

I could not get a satisfactory answer to this question from anybody and I just wasn't comfortable driving around with these things removed. So I took them off and figured I'd try to clean them myself. First I tried an SOS pad but that did nothing. Then I tried some metal polish and a little elbow grease and TA-DAH! they came out looking like new!

CFA3DF3A-7293-4F43-8613-DD0BCB8EFA58_1_201_a.jpeg 15BA45A7-73C9-4904-AE47-E6FF1D87E9F3_1_201_a.jpeg C8712E76-68F3-41EC-911B-DD6D76B6AAF9_1_201_a.jpeg

SO the answer to a question I never thought to ask is "these things are bare metal and can be polished". Problem solved for me. Although I never did find out if you can drive the car with them removed. I didn't try it and I'm not going to. Now I don't have to. If they get stained again I can polish them in a few minutes and they look like new again.

I hope this helps somebody.
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@ThunderBoy724 you rescued the thread. :D I don't intend to drive with parts missing, not even a drain plug in the battery box; not even without "covers" shielding my steering boots (the latter is on my mind because of last week DSC09376.JPG DSC09379.JPG DSC09368.JPG DSC09369.JPG ). And definitely NOT without braces!? Who would risk such a thing? (rhetorical question)