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Wanted My Magnaflow Catback and Eibach Springs for your OEM exhaust trade in Atlanta


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Cumming, GA
I have a Magnaflow Competition Catback Exhaust complete system for a 2.0 and Eibach Springs for AWD that I would like to trade for your factory exhaust, and all I ask is that you pay for the work for both vehicles and you can have my parts.

Kia Stinger 2.0T - Magnaflow Performance Catback Exhaust System - Compatible with all versions of 2.0 stinger as catback, and compatible with 3.3 as axle back only
Kia Stinger Eibach PRO-Kit Lowering Springs - Compatible with all versions of stinger
Kia Stinger 2.0T - K&N Typhoon Performance Intake System - Compatible with 2.0 version Stinger only

This would be the best deal for you if you have a 2.0 AWD. Even if your car is a 3.3 we could trade the portion of the exhaust from the axle back as they should be compatible. Eibach springs work on all versions of the Stinger but they would have the optimal stance on an AWD car, with a RWD drive it's fine but the there is slightly more gap in the front.

I want to trade for a factory exhaust from either the 2.0 or 3.3 and the labor for install. Ideally if you have a 2.0 then I can trade for the whole exhaust, but even if you have a 3.3 I believe the axle back portion with the mufflers are still compatible so I would take those as an option. I don't need your springs or intake as I have those parts, I just need exhaust and labor. I believe exhaust labor would be around $180 (what I paid to have it installed originally) and the springs about $500-600 (I paid $300 but the shop went up on their rates), the intake is really easy to take off / install so I can do that myself, so it would cost you about $700-800 for labor for the parts I'm offering (if you can do the work yourself or know a cheaper installer than your cost is even less). The exhaust retails for $1200, springs are $275 and the intake is $275 so you're getting $1750 worth of parts.

I'm not looking to part out and ship at this point because I still need a factory exhaust and I want the costs for the labor covered.

Everyone always ask for the reason... It's killing me to get rid of the exhaust but my wife will not go near the car. She didn't like it to begin with because it sits low but she really doesn't like it with the exhaust and intake. Now with 'rona I actually stay home more than she does and she drives a big SUV and my 2.0 Stinger is actually more fuel efficient, so it makes more sense for her to drive my car but she will not as long as I have that exhaust on it.


If you decide to part out with the Springs, please let me know. I’m in Lawrenceville, GA.