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My list of annoyances

Discussion in 'Open Letters to Kia Motors' started by Lorne, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. TwiceStung

    TwiceStung United States Active Member

    Today was a great example. Pulled out of carport dry. Started to rain. Wipers never even started until I manually started them.......by the time I could barely see out. Then the auto kicked in and worked fine. You can’t tell me this is normal.
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  2. SteveCo

    SteveCo Canada 1000 Posts Club!

    Calgary, AB
    This is normal. :)

    Seriously, I would have expected them to start as soon as the windshield went from dry to wet. Mine always has, so perhaps there is a problem with your sensor?
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  3. Sushi

    Sushi Canada Member

    Vancouver, Canada
    My biggest gripe so far is the drive mode defaulting to comfort. I typically always drive in smart unless I'm in the mood to pretend I'm some hotshot racer (yes I also make vrooming noises with my mouth) but every time I get into my car, it usually takes a min or two of driving for me to realise I forgot to switch to smart or sport. It can't be that hard to program the car to remember your last drive mode. Better yet, there should be a setting to set your preferred drive mode on start up.

    The fuel tank size I think could have been bump up a tad more. Currently, my estimated range is just over 500km so if they could have bumped it up to 600km, I think that would have been the perfect volume for me.

    My only other gripe is the fact that the button on the steering wheel that controls your channel is reversed on the home screen compared to the radio screen. On the radio screen, pushing up on the steering wheel button will go up the list of your preset stations and vice versa for down but when on the home screen, it's inverted so pushing up moves you down the preset station list rather than up.
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