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My list of annoyances

Discussion in 'Open Letters to Kia Motors' started by Lorne, Sep 13, 2019.

  1. Lorne

    Lorne United States New Member

    In no particular order:
    1) Fuel tank size. A ~300 mile range is not enough for a Grand Touring (GT). I'd expect more like 500
    2) Premium sound system should offer an equalizer. As an option, the equalizer settings should be different for different inputs (eg, AM radio different than FM, different than bluetooth, etc.)
    3) Car remembers the drive mode and uses it when you start up. For safety reasons, sport and custom should probably default to off but why can't Econ or Smart stay on????
    4) Cruise control should have an option to use the old fashioned non adaptive cruise control if the sensor(s) for smart cruise stop working. I ran in to that last winter when we had a wet snowfall and the sensor was covered. It just turned itself off and refused to work at all. I would have been happier if I could have some cruise control instead of the all or nothing design. This should be a menu item that could be set while driving with an icon on the cluster that shows that adaptive is off.

    These are small rough edges on what is otherwise a great car.
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  2. Roarbomb

    Roarbomb United States Active Member

    Lubbock, TX
    My car stays in eco when I turn it on, but agree with the fuel tank
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  3. brassardv

    brassardv Canada Newish Member

    You can put smart cruise control in normal mode by keep pressing the distance button.
  4. Hamburger1971

    Hamburger1971 United States Member

    Cruise control does allow you to turn off the adaptive function and just be "maintain this speed no matter what". I think you just hold down the button that changes the sensitivity for 5 seconds, and it turns off the adaptive part. When I use CC that's what I do because the radar is way too sensitive and slows me down waaaay too early even on the shortest mode.
  5. SteveCo

    SteveCo Canada 1000 Posts Club!

    Calgary, AB
    Fuel capacity has never been a problem for me - on a long trip I'm more than ready for a chance to stretch my legs after running out a tank of fuel.

    Adding tank capacity for almost 70 percent more gas would adversely affect handling, as well as severely impact available space for mechanical components, hatch cargo, and rear passengers. Everything's a compromise, and I think they did a pretty good job of balancing things out.
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  6. MerlintheMad

    MerlintheMad United States 5000 Posts Club!

    West Jordan, Y00TAW
    Welcome, Lorne.

    That is a pretty short list of niggling annoyances, alright! :D

    Others have already addressed the points of clarification I would have spoken about.

    My opinion on the "small" tank is opposite yours. My bladder could never go 500 miles, so what's the beef? I like This:
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  7. Revvdmedia

    Revvdmedia Canada 1000 Posts Club!

    This is something I have NEVER understood on cars with premium stereos, especially with a touchscreen UI. They go far enough to program a 3 band equalizer, how much more difficult could it be to program the extra bands into the EQ? It could be "Simple mode" as standard, but you should be able to press an "Advanced EQ" button on the screen and it populates a multiband EQ (7+ bands) either on the same screen, or take you to a new screen to tweak this. Aftermarket head units have 7+ band EQs...I think OEM stereos should too.
  8. Tobstertx3

    Tobstertx3 United States Active Member Texas Stinger Swarm

    Houston, TX
    Fuel tank size is my only one.
  9. robz32

    robz32 United States 2500 Posts Club! Texas Stinger Swarm

    Houston, TX
    2nd that
  10. Tangent52

    Tangent52 United States Member

    Mesa, Arizona
    At 4:45 am, I try to sneak out of my driveway without flashing my headlights across the neighbors bedroom windows. The order for the headlight controls currently are;
    (1) OFF position
    (2) Auto light position
    (3) Parking & Tail light
    (4) Headlight position

    I do not turn on my headlights until the car is pointed down the street, but I do not pull out of the driveway without my parking lights on. To get to #3 I have to "flash" the headlights as the switch goes past #2.

    I suggest to change the headlight controls to;
    (1) OFF position
    (2) Parking & Tail light
    (3) Headlight position
    (4) Auto light position

    Also, it would be nice if there was a separate dimmer switch for the audio display, so that album covers aren't so distracting when driving in the dark.
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  11. mfenske

    mfenske United States Member

    Portland, OR
    I'd also like a slightly larger fuel tank (maybe an additional gallon or two?). The other grip I've got is with my GT1 I'd like another front USB port in lieu of the wireless charging option. Lastly, I've got an iPod with nearly 200GB of music and it's frustrating that it doesn't stay in shuffle mode. Fairly minor stuff IMO.
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