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My car still over boost with EWGC wires installed


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I need some help.
I recently installed the EWGC on my car but noticed that the settings once changed are only in the user settings custom map. On map3 and 4, my EWGC is still at 50 but in the user setting map it's at 45 (my car over boost). But I don't know how the custom user settings boost is set up. It shows different RPMs with boost levels. Are those boost numbers like 3 mean 3 higher than stock boost, so it's 21 pounds at that RPM?

Does anyone know what map 3 and 4 boost levels are for the RPM range? I'm not sure what to do because I keep getting compressor Overspeed (P0049) and my ECU keeps putting boost control position sensor out of factory specs engine code (P2587).

I'm lost and truly need some help to try and fix this. I can't seem to fix these reacquiring issues, after buying more and more stuff to help the JB4.

Can anyone help me out here.